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InterContinental Xishuangbanna Resort

Dingen om te doen


1. To do the jogging and some exercises in hotel green garden, breathing the clean, fresh air and playing with our peacock to start a beautiful day. 2. To take a taxi from hotel to the Virgin Forest Park, while you are climbing, you could enjoy the fresh air in the forest and appreciate the magnificence of the pageantry of flying peacocks. After walking trough the forest, you could feel the peace, quietness and the harmonious relationship between human and the wildlife.


1. After taking a nap, Manting Park which does not far away from the hotel would be a perfect place to visit. As the former Imperial Garden of Dai King, Manting Park has more than 1300 years history. Celebration activities must be held here during the Water-Splashing Festival, Door-closing Festival and Door-opening Festival etc. You can appreciate the Songs and Dances Bonfire Evening of the "Night of Lancang-Mekong River". It is a fantastic window for you to have a look at Yunan's ethnic culture, architecture and traditions. 2. Xishuangbanna General Monastery near by the Manting Park is also a good place to go. Dai called "Wa Ba Jie". It is the center of the Buddhist believers for worshiping Buddha. It is the highest level in Xishuangbanna Buddhist temple. Temple abbot from all around the world love to visit this famous temple. Xishuangbanna Buddhist believers respect this temple as the first Buddhist temple.


1. After dinner, you can take taxi to Water Splashing Square, a place full of pubs, KTVs and other entertainment establishments. Moreover, you can also find Shopping Malls and boutique shops there which would definitely bring you an extraordinary experience of In The Know. 2. Daijiannan delicacy and bar street is also a fancy place for the night life, famous for a number of fashionable discos and pubs, as well as quiet Blues bars. Besides, there are plenty of nice restaurants offering local Xishuangbanna snacks that can provide you the authentic dining experience.