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InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort

Concierge head shot
Jude Tauro
Director Of Rooms

Welcome to InterContinental Maldives Maamunagau Resort, the place where time stops and beautiful stories unfold. We look forward to seeing you on our little patch of paradise and our Island Curators will be here to assist you in creating the most memo-rable experience.

Dingen om te doen


Wake up and refreshed and recharged to kick off a day of adventure. Head over to our yoga pavilion with an invigorating morning session with our yoga guru or grab your mask and fins and snorkel around our house-reef which is abundant with a variety of coral and marine species. Once you're back on dry land, walk over to Café Umi for a sumptuous breakfast with views of the beach and ocean as you plan the rest of your day. For those looking for more than long lazy days spent by the pool, our Island Curators will help you plan your time based on your interests. Not to be missed is snorkeling with the Manta Rays. Book a trip to Hanifaru Bay or join our resident Manta Ray research team or the Marine biologist and spend the day getting up close and personal with these magnificent creatures of the sea.


Thrill seekers will not be disappointed with the extensive list of watersports activities such as parasailing, jet skiing, wake boarding, water skiing and the x-jet blade to keep your adrenaline flowing all day. Experienced divers or those interested in learning can head off to our PADI 5 Star dive centre for a day spent exploring the reefs in the Raa Atoll. First time divers can learn the basics in our lagoon before venturing out guided by our team. Parents can join in the fun with a surf lesson with the kids! Surf lessons and coaching for beginners is available in safe and controlled conditions supervised by our resident certified instructors. For more seasoned surfers, join us we explore the surf breaks around the Raa and Baa Atolls. End the afternoon with a soothing experience at the overwater spa discovering unique therapies or indulge in signature treatments using leading wellness brands such as Eminence Organics, VitaJuwel Crystal Gemstones, Kerstin Florian, Coola Sun Care and Margret Dabb’s Pure Products.


After a long day discovering the island or the ocean, wind down for the evening with a 360 degrees view of the resort and the Indian Ocean atop the Lighthouse before you sit down to vibrant flavours crafted from the finest seasonal ingredients and seafood; at either the Lighthouse, Fish Market or Cafe Umi. For a more intimate setting, opt for a Dining by Design experience with a private table on the terrace or a candle-lit table on the beach.

Wist je dat?
  • The Maldives

    The Maldives is an archipelago of 1200 islands grouped into 26 atolls dotted across 871 kilometers in the Indian Ocean and is one of the most dispersed countries in the world, where only 200 islands are inhabited by Maldivians, less than 200 islands are tourist resorts and the remaining islands are left untouched or are partially submerged underwater. A paradise for underwater explorers, the Maldives is home to 5% of the world’s coral reefs and over 2000 species of marine species including 14 species of sharks and 23 species of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises); all of which are protected under Maldivian law.

  • Maamunagau Lagoon

    Our lagoon is an important feeding ground for juvenile manta rays as the large lagoon system provides protective shelter from predators and an abundance of planktonic food for many juveniles during the North East monsoon months of December to April during which time they migrate from Hanifaru Bay.

  • Hanifaru Bay

    Located in close proximity to the resort is Maldives’s first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll. Encompassing 139,700 hectares, the Baa Atoll is teeming with hard and soft corals, reef associated fish species, turtles, manta rays and whale sharks. Hanifaru Bay is a protected sanctuary within the Baa Atoll most notably known for being one of the very few places worldwide where throughout the year whale sharks congregate to mate and where regularly, the largest gatherings of manta rays can be seen between the months of May to November with more than 100 individuals coming together. Hanifaru Bay is also a nursery ground for grey sharks and sting rays amongst other species. Hanifaru Bay was a declared a “Marine Protected Area” in 2009 and was incorporated into the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2011.

  • Sunset Bar

    Did you know that our Sunset Bar is an actual replica of a traditional Maldivian fishing boat called a "dhoni"? In its cellar are over 400 wine labels from all around the world, 40 labels of champagne including vintage and non-vintage, prestige cuvees, rare collections, 1970 port and a Abys champagne which is limited edition and aged in the Atlantic Ocean.