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InterContinental Tokyo Bay

Concierge head shot
Aya Tachikawa

Welcome to InterContinental Tokyo Bay. We are honoured to have you with us. It is a great pleasure to help you make the most of the time you have. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dingen om te doen


Why not experience a uniquely Japanese event at the Toyosu Market, which houses the biggest and most famous fish market in the world, the Tuna Auction. Please note that the auction begins from 5:30 am. If you don't feel like going too early in the morning, you can always just go straight to the visitorʼs course where the inside hallways are lined with lots of small seafood restaurants for the freshest breakfast sushi imaginable. Daiwa Sushi is one we would recommend. After a fabulous breakfast be sure to visit the surrounding Odaiba area for a fun day of shopping, complete with various malls a lot of entertainment next to the Tokyo Bay.


From Hama-Rikyu Gardens, you can take a Sumida River Boat for Asakusa where is an excellent place to get a feel of what traditional Japan, was like. If you are fortune enough to be visiting in the Spring, you will be treated to a stunning view of cherry blossom along the way. Once there, I suggest you taking a tour with a Jinrikisha which is a small, two wheeled rickshaw pulled by one person. The main draw in Asakusa is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Sensoji Temple. From the entrance of Sensoji Temple, Kaminari-mon Gate to Main Hall, there is a shopping street that you can buy some traditional goods, such as Kimono and folding fan. For lunch, try rice bowl covered with Japanese yam at Asakusa Mugitoro. Also the new symbol tower appeared in Asakusa called "Tokyo Sky Tree". Definitely reccomend to visit.


Visit Ginza where is Tokyo’s upmarket entertainment district. There are many stores such as department stores, boutiques, and so on. If you love shopping, Ginza is absolutely the best place for you. From one extreme to another is Kabuki, one of the most unique experiences in World Theater. Accompanied by traditional Japanese instruments the actors use an old-fashioned language which is difficult to understand, even for us. The Kabuki-za is the theater which is specialized for Kabuki and located in central of Ginza. You can enjoy an atmosphere at gallery and shops in Kabuki-za, even if you don’t watch Kabuki. For dinner, Rangetsu which you can try typical Japanese cuisine is my recommendation. Suki-Shabu-Shabu is amazingly good taste there

Wist je dat?
  • Fireworks

    There are many firework festivals in Japan during the Summer. Please ask the concierge for when and where they will take place.

  • Women-Only Train

    In Japan, we have women-only train cars available during rush hours from 7am-10am and 5pm-8pm. Please watch your step while boarding the train and keep an eye out for women-designated train carriages if you wish to utilize one.

  • Smoking Regulations in Japan

    Depending on the ward (districts of Tokyo), there are many public non-smoking areas that you need to be aware of, especially around stations. If you smoke in these areas you will be fined.

  • The Emperor

    Our Emperor is called 'Tenno' in Japanese. The first Tenno was Jinmu Tenno, and the 126th Emperor, Naruhito Tenno, has recently ascended to the throne in 2019.