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Step outside our hotel and get ready to explore all Buenos Aires has to offer. Experience the culture and history at top destinations like Manzana de las luces, Tigre-River Delta, El Zanjon de Granados, Nacional Academy of Tango, and more.

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Manzana de las luces

Peru 272, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1091

The 'Block of Enlightenment' is a complex of historical buildings that occupies an entire city block (manzana can mean 'block' as well as 'apple'). You can tour the semi-circular chamber, the patios and a series of 18th-century tunnels that used to link the building to the coast behind what is now Plaza de Mayo, several hundred metres away. The block's Iglesia de San Ignacio dates from 1734.

Recoleta Cemetery

junin 1760, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1460

The cemetery, opened in 1822, is home to hundreds of illustrious corpses, laid out in a compact yet very extensive maze of granite, marble and bronze mausoleums. Originally a public cemetery, it is now even harder to get into than the posh flats that surround it. Many Argentinian presidents are entombed here, but most of the cemetery's visitors probably come to see the resting place of María Eva Duarte de Perón, aka Evita.

El Zanjon de Granados

Defensa 755, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1092

El Zanjón is a beautifully restored residence encapsulating three centuries of urban living. Although the façade dates from 1830, traces from an earlier patrician home - an open-air cistern, a lookout tower and a 1740s wall comprised of seashell mortaring - serve to transport you to the era of Spanish settlement.

Tierra Santa

Avenida Costanera Rafael Obligado 5790, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1420

This Holy Land extravaganza begins with a son-et-lumière show celebrating the Nativity. As the Angel of the Anunciation descends from a neon-lit sky, locals in Middle Eastern garb herd visitors into the 'world's largest manger'. The pièce de résistance, however, is the Resurrection, which takes place every 45 minutes, weather permitting, when an 18-metre Jesus rises from the park's central mountain.

Tigre-River Delta

Paseo Vcictorica 1000, Tigre, Buenos Aires 1649

Tigre is also the starting point for a visit to the Paraná Delta. For locals and tourists alike, vintage mahogany commuter launches and motorboats are the favourite way to travel through its web of inter-connecting rivers and streams. English-style rowing clubs, countless marinas, humble dwellings and elegant mansions from the “Belle Époque”, such as the Tigre Club are to be seen, as well as small pensions and upscale lodges, restaurants, teahouses and simple picnic sites.

La Usina de Arte

Caffarena y Pedro de Mendoza, La Boca, CABA 1024

The building was designed by architect Juan Chiogna to host a super-plant of the Company Italo-Argentina de Electricidad (CIAE), between 1912 and 1916, when it was inaugurado.Durante the next 80 years worked providing electricity in the city, in the 1990s, the plant was finally abandoned and began his ruin. Last year began its restoration and opened in late August, a new space in the city where contemporary artists can display their new and most precious works.

Nacional Academy of Tango

Av. de Mayo 833, Capital Federal, Buenos Aires 1091

Academia Nacional del Tango is an institution located above the Café Tortoni. It was established in 1990 by national decree with the aim of collecting, sorting, reviewing and saving from loss or destruction the cultural heritage of the tango, nowadays it's possible to have Tango lessons every day.

809 Moreno St. Buenos Aires C1091AAQ Argentina

Telefon: +54 11 43407100