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ANA InterContinental Beppu Resort & Spa

Concierge head shot
Koyo Miyauchi
Assistant Guest Experience Manager

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our hotel. We hope our expert knowledge of this beautiful city can provide you with an experience to treasure. Please visit the Concierge Desk for any assistance.

O que você pode fazer
O Dia Perfeito


Start your morning off with a beautiful sunrise and a dip in the hot spring. After a luscious breakfast, head to Mt. Tsurumi and enjoy the spectacular view as you ride the ropeway to the summit. Discover the distinctive scenery of the season from the observation deck. As you return to the hotel, you will pass the breath-taking Shiraito Falls, with streams of water cascading down the rockface. Next to the waterfall is Shiraito Falls Onsen where you can have a rest in one of the family baths, a highlight of the Horita Onsen area.


For lunch, try preparing your own meal using hot onsen steam, a popular local culinary experience. Or else snack on steamed pork buns as you explore the Kannawa area. On your walk through the neighbourhood, you will see several blue signs, which relate details of Beppu’s history, as well as some fascinating facts about the area. Head to the Kannawa Steam Bath to give your feet a rest and experience a natural steam sauna with sekisho herbs, which release a soothing aroma. There is also a steam foot sauna out front for those who need to give their feet a really good rest.


After soaking up Beppu’s onsen culture, unwind in the AQUA lounge or take a dip in the infinity pool. Indulge in a cocktail while taking in the lounge’s nature-themed art and listening to the fine music coming from our vintage JBL Paragon speaker. The hotel’s exclusive dinner-only restaurant, Atelier, will give you a taste of the cutting edge in culinary creativity. Guests can converse with the chefs in the open kitchen as they prepare your food. End your perfect day in the open-air bath as the sun goes down. The view of Beppu’s twinkling lights at night is unforgettable.

Você sabia?
  • The History of Beppu

    Beppu one of Japan’s most acclaimed onsen (hot spring) resort areas, visited annually by more than four million people. Beppu, a city in Oita Prefecture in southwestern Japan, has been rated one of the country’s most popular onsen spots by Rakuten Travel five years in a row. The rejuvenating properties of Beppu’s hot springs have been known for centuries. An ancient Japanese legend speaks of a mythical god, Okuni Nushino Mikoto, who built a pipe to carry the healing onsen water from Beppu to Ehime, more than 150 km away, in order to cure the ailing god Sukunahiko. In the 13th century, a samurai, Tomoyasu Ohtomo, built sanatoriums in Beppu for warriors who had been wounded during the Mongolian invasions.

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