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InterContinental Suzhou

Concierge head shot
Buck Li
Chief Concierge

We take great pleasure to welcome you to InterContinental Suzhou. Our job is to make sure your stay with us is impeccable. Please feel free to contact us via for further assistance.

O que você pode fazer
O Dia Perfeito


Begin your day with a relaxing morning walk around Jinji Lake to see the stunning lake view. To get a unique feeling of the old lifestyle in Suzhou, get into the heart of the old town and take a walk in a well preserved historical block called Ping Jiang Lu, where you will see clusters of ancient residential buildings and local people doing their routines such as sending kids to school on bikes. Take a seat in one of the small cafes by the canal and just watch the water flow with the time.


Suzhou's classic gardens will make your afternoon truly memorable. The biggest and also the most famous private garden - Humble Administrator's Garden will easily soak up half of your afternoon for its beauty. Before sunset, visit I. M. Pei's last masterwork before his retirement - Suzhou Museum, which is only 5 minute's walk from the garden.


Start your evening with an exotic dinner on Li Gong Di Causeway. There are many restaurants on this belt-shaped island on Jinji Lake. When it comes to dining, specialites such as Mandarin Fish and River Shrimps should not be missed. After dinner, pick a seat by the window and see the whole area come alive when all the glamorous lights go on. A symphony concert or an IMAX movie at the Cultural and Arts Centre will ease your body and mind from the daytime excitement.

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    The official language of China is Mandarin Chinese. However, there are a wide variety of dialects throughout China. Business English is mainly spoken in tourist centres (such as international hotels). There are marks, signs and logos in English in some Chinese cities. However, it is suggested that, when taking a taxi, you bring a card of the hotel you stay in or the hotel address in Chinese, which you may ask your hotel front desk to write.

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