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InterContinental Tamanaco Caracas

Hello, My name is Carlos Bracciale, and as Chief Concierge at the Tamanaco InterContinental, I welcome you to Caracas. The hotel’s location offers visitors a spectacular view of the city, an amazing pool, beautiful gardens and amazing restaurants.

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Enjoy the best buffet breakfast in Raphia Restocafé and delight yourself with the wonderfulness of local food. You can take it in an outdoor or indoor environment, but always enjoying a privileged view of the Ávila National Park: an iconic mountain that surrounds the city as a valley and separated it from the Caribbean Sea.


The InterContinental Tamanaco Caracas is the perfect place to enjoy your stay both for business and pleasure. This tropical oasis, located in the heart of one of the most prestigious shopping districts, offers you a peaceful space to relax after a long day and an amazing experience to keep in your memory. You can enjoy a delightful coffee made by 100% Venezuelan grain sitting in our terrace and enjoying a 360 view of the capitol.


After a long day of work, there's not a better option than enjoy a premium cocktail made with the best of national and international drinks at Caracas Bar. Delight yourself with an exquisite music environment, tasting activities and so on surrounded by a fantastic decoration that you'll be never tired of admiring it. Furthermore, you'll always have the choice to share a fantastic supper at Raphia Restocafé or Le Gourmet, always accompanying every meal with a glass of wine.

Дополнительная информация
  • El Hatillo town

    In the heart of El Hatillo, an outdoor space with a rustic and contemporary view. Multiple streets in which visitors can find gastronomy and art. Enjoy the wonderfulness of iconic and architectural buildings who are representative of our history. A great gastronomic variety can be found in the surrounding restaurants with a perfect environment to enjoy a fantastic time. Only 10 minutes distance from the hotel.

  • Trasnocho Theater

    An amazing place to enjoy several artistic expressions in a pacific place. Art galleries, photography, sculpture, theatre, movie, several alternatives to savor a pleasant time. In addition, visitors can delight themselves with national and international marvelous gastronomic alternatives. Only 2 minutes distance from the hotel.

  • Panteon Nacional

    A small summary of more than 2 centuries of history gathered in one single place. Built on 27 March 1874 by President Antonio Guzmán Blanco, the Church of the Holy Trinity of Caracas was transformed into the National Pantheon in order to preserve the remains of the heroes and the eminent Independence' personalities. In hand with the old church, it had been built by Juan Domingo Infante Sacramento in the mid-eighteenth century but was almost totally destroyed by the earthquake of 1812. There are niches with statues of Francisco de Miranda and Antonio José de Sucre, respectively. Among other niches, arranged along the longitudinal walls, there are memorials to the First Republic, José Gregorio Monagas, the Federation, Andrés Bello, José Antonio Paez, the Declaration of the Republic of Venezuela, Rafael Urdaneta and José María Vargas.