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InterContinental Jeddah

Concierge head shot
Abdullah Mallah
Chief Concierge

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, we welcome you to our home on the edge of the Red Sea. At the concierge desk, we can make bookings, offer insider information on Jeddah highlights, or arrange a visit to our stunning beaches and traditional souks.

Где стоит побывать
Идеальный день


Start your day with a fine breakfast buffet at Al Ferdaus restaurant, while we are designing your trip to visit the historic town "Al-Balad", where narrow alleyways offer glimpses of grand elderly residences designed of coral stones. Enjoy the architecture of restored former glory historic sites, such as Nassif House, grants an insight to the city’s tales. Spend the rest of your journey at Al-Alawi Souq, where vendors sell jewelleries, valuable masterpieces, traditional fabrics and much more!


During afternoon, our guests are welcome to experience the outstanding savours of grilled meat at Spears restaurant or Fish Market restaurant where they enjoy the breath taking views of the seafront. Or they are welcome to experience the wide selection of lunch buffet at Al Ferdaus restaurant. The best timing could be spent at our swimming pool, or a trip to Al Shallal and Fakieh Aquarium where we offer a free tickets when you book the family escape package. You can also consider a tour around Obhur for an afternoon spent snorkelling or scuba diving.


In the evening, catch the sunset at Al-Rahma Mosque, a majestic marble landmark that appears to float upon the Red Sea. After dark, take a stroll along bustling Tahlia Street, where major department stores rub shoulders with designer boutiques and upscale restaurants. Opt to eat out, or head back to the hotel for a seafood feast at Fish Market Restaurant. Enjoy spectacular views of the illuminated King Fahd's Fountain, before wandering down to the pool for a wonderfully cool nighttime swim.

Дополнительная информация
  • Clothing

    In Saudi Arabia men are not allowed to wear shorts in public; for ladies it is mandatory to wear a black gown called an abaya before venturing out in public.

  • Holy Koran

    Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest publishers of the Holy Koran in the world. Upon completing their Hajj, each pilgrim is given a Holy Koran as a gift.

  • Jeddah Fountain

    One of the tallest fountains in the world, with a spray 260 metres high, it is located just in front of our hotel.

  • Oil

    Saudi Arabia is one of the top producers of oil in the world and has 25 percent of the world's known oil reserves.