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InterContinental The Strings Tokyo

Concierge head shot
Megumi Ishida
Guest Experience Manager

Welcome to The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo. Our concierge team are pleased to assist you in creating lasting memories. Amazing restaurants, shopping, museums and unique history and culture has made Tokyo one of the most amazing cities in the world.

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Идеальный день


While most Tokyoites are still asleep, It is the time for the world's biggest wholesale fish market, Tsukiji to hold its famous tuna auctions. Explore the alleys selling cooking utensils, pottery and over 400 types of seafood. Be sure to visit Tsukiji Masamoto knife store - it's where the professional chefs shop! Sushi Dai serves one of the freshest and best sushi breakfasts in Tokyo, but the line on the weekends can be up to 2 hours wait! Next to Tsukiji is the beautiful Hamarikyu Japanese gardens, once used for falconry by Tokugawa Shogun. Nakashima teahouse located in the middle of the pond within the garden offers matcha and Japanese sweets in a tea-ceremony style. For me, this is the perfect place to contemplate life and the rest of your day in Tokyo!


Harajuku and Omotesando are are known as Japan's trendiest streets and Tokyo's best people watching. Omotensando boulevard's flagship stores make it one of the world's foremost architectural showcase and shopping streets. No visit to the area is complete without stopping by a local secret, Nezu Museum, hidden at the very end of the boulevard.


To finish a Tokyo day, a dinner cruise in Tokyo Bay is tremendous fun. Funasei offers Yakatabune traditional houseboats with feasts of Sashimi and tempura. An elegant alternative is Crystal Yacht Club's MS Lady Crystal offering high end French cuisine dinner cruises.

Дополнительная информация
  • Train spotting!

    Our closest train station, Shinagawa station is one of Japan's oldest stations established in 1872 and marks the 0km start point for Tokyo's JR Yamanote train line loop. The Yamanote line has a ridership of over 3.5 million passengers per day - more than the entire London Underground!

  • Tokyo Metropolis

    Tokyo metropolis is actually many different cities overlapping each other each with distinct districts that started to shape during the Edo period when Tokyo, then called Edo was a feudal samurai castle town.

  • Festivals

    Tokyo has many traditional festivals called "matsuri" with long histories as well as many other modern calendar events. If you would like to experience the true culture of Japan ask the Concierge desk for current matsuri recommendations.

  • Language

    In Japan most people do not speak English. Therefore we recommend that you bring a small dictionary with useful everyday phrases.

  • Judo

    This modern day martial art and olympic sport has roots from the jujitsu of samurai on battlefields. You can watch daily practice at the Kodokan, near Tokyo Dome for free from the specators gallery.