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InterContinental Wuhan

Concierge head shot
Jerry Wang
Chief Concierge

Welcome to the InterContinental Wuhan. Our dedicated concierge staff are pleased to help create lasting memories of your stay. With the best restaurants, shopping centers, museums and tourist attractions, there has never ever been a better time to explore Wuhan.

Где стоит побывать
Идеальный день


No phone, no alarm, just sleep until you wake up and begin your gorgeous day ahead. When you stand on your balcony, just close your eyes, stretch out your arms, breathe deeply and take in the fresh morning air that will invigorate your body. Enjoy your American breakfast and coffee at the HAN Cafe in the peaceful and relaxing morning. You must be pampered by the unique charm of Yangtze River


In the afternoon, have a cup of afternoon tea. Enjoy the comfort brought by the sunshine, and experience the quality service we provide for you in the comfort, so that you can spend the afternoon leisurely.


Take a car out to Hankou marshland on a romantic evening to indulge in bar culture of Wuhan. Well this is the other way to like and love Wuhan! You can become to know the local characteristic life and enjoy ordinary artist show in the Jiqing Street. Your room is awaiting for you right now, but why not extend your experience into a second day...?

Дополнительная информация
  • Local people are friendly and helpful and gratuiti

    However, as a goodwill gesture, about 20 Rmb for porters or maid service is acceptable - but voluntary. A normal service charge of 15% will be added to the hotel F&B bill.