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InterContinental Medina - Dar Al Hijra

Foto de cara del conserje
AbdulHamid Mohiddin
Chief Concierge

A warm welcome to Dar Al Hijra InterContinental, Madinah. My name is Abdul Hamid Mohiddin and I am the Chief Concierge. My team and I have honored you to stay with us and hope to meet all your needs to ensure your stay is truly memorable.

Cosas que hacer
El día perfecto


The day begins with Fajr prayer (the first prayer of the day), which starts at around 4.20 am and ends at around 5.10 am. Afterwards, you can have a lovely and tasty breakfast in the hotel's main restaurant, Al Safa. For ladies, this is the best time to visit the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Mosque, the second most revered mosque in the world. After visiting this awe-inspiring place, you are a short 20-minute drive from the Quran print shop, the largest in the Middle East. Here you can see the great and beautiful texts of the Quran and gain a fascinating insight into Islam's rich history.


After Asr Prayer, take an historic tour of Islam Mazarat, which will last around two hours. The detail in this place is truly breathtaking. Afterwards, you can travel to a very famous area called Sultana Street, the best place in town for shopping. The most prestigious international brands are located here, as well as some local delights. However, please be sure to remember that all malls and shops are closed between 1 pm and 5 pm. If you're hungry, pay a visit to Al Nuras coffee shop, which serve delicious traditional drinks and food. Or, if you have kids with you, make a stop in Lina Park where all kinds of games are provided to amuse children.


We highly recommend a trip to the famous library inside the Holy Prophet Mosque (PBUH), which is called Omer Ibn Al Khattab and Othman Ibn Afan. Here you can see extraordinary books printed more than one thousand years ago. Then, for a wonderful evening meal, visit Hadramoot restaurant and taste the delicious flavours of mandi, madood and matbi cuisine. The variety and balance of this traditional Arabic food should be the perfect close to an enriching day.

¿Sabía que...?
  • Cars

    During the month of Ramadan and Hajj season, usually cars are not allowed to enter the central area around Prophet (PBUH) Mosque.

  • Culture

    The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) advises that Muslims eat Ajwa dates and honey to protect them from diseases and for general health.

  • Government

    Al Madinah Al Munawara had the first government in the history of Islam.

  • People of Madinah

    The people of this city are known across the Arab world for their kindness, hospitality and generosity.

  • Shops

    All shops are closed during prayer time, which happens five times a day. Prayer time lasts around 15 minutes after which the shops reopen.

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