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Kimpton Los Monteros Marbella | Marbella

Luxury Spanish Resort in Costa del Sol

Đặt chỗ: --
Liên hệ quầy lễ tân: 34-952-771700

Kimpton Los Monteros Marbella, where every moment has the possibility for discovery.

Escape to our luxury Spanish resort nestled within Marbella's vibrant community. From exclusive amenities to immersive cultural encounters, where indulgence meets authenticity, offering unforgettable memories in the heart of Andalucía.

Breathing new life into the iconic Los Monteros hotel, reimagining the hotel's vivacious past, offering 195 rooms with 67 suites.

At Kimpton Los Monteros Marbella, there is always a reason to celebrate -- our soul comes alive within our Restaurant and Bars; morning coffee in the gardens, cocktails by the pool followed by afternoon gourmandizes with friends and families extending into the evening.

Following an extensive refurbishment, we are excited to invite you to come on in.

Nhận phòng - 3:00 CH, Trả phòng - 12:00 CH
Tuổi tối thiểu để nhận phòng 18

Los Monteros Marbella Ảnh tiện nghi

Tiện ích + Dịch vụ

Welcome to our exquisite haven, where luxury meets leisure in the heart of Marbella. Explore a realm of unparalleled indulgence as you immerse yourself in our signature spa, fitness center and tennis court with incredible vistas of the Mediterranean.

Eat + Drink

Experience the epitome of luxury at our Marbella 5* hotel. Indulge in Mediterranean cuisine, savor Mexican flavors in a chic ambiance, and enjoy unparalleled sea views from our rooftop. The ultimate destination in the heart of Costa del Sol.

Ảnh nơi lưu trú
Không gian lưu trú

Phòng + Phòng suite

Designed by Cristina Carulla 's interior studio, use natural lighting as a fundamental part of the Mediterranean experience, contrasting the more natural and organic atmosphere of the common areas with prints or touches of color.

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Khám phá Marbella

Khách sạn Kimpton là nơi phong cách boutique mang đậm sắc thái bản địa. Trải nghiệm nghỉ dưỡng hấp dẫn và thưởng thức thức ăn, rượu và đặc sản địa phương.

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Bring Your Furry Friend

We invite you to bring your furry, feathery or scaly family member — no matter their size, weight, or breed — at no extra charge.  We’ve also partnered with Wag! to make traveling with your pet easier. Wag! connects pet parents with professionals for walking, boarding or sitting.


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