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Zone locale


  • Cet hôtel se situe en centre-ville
  • Fuseau horaire local: GMT-7


Great Falls International Airport (GTF)


Lewis and Clark Interp. Ctr and CM Russell Museum

Quoi de neuf

You can check out a variety of events that are just a short trip from the hotel's doorstep in Great Falls. The Montana Expo Park is home to the very popular Montana State Fair, multiple sporting events, rodeos and trade shows throughout the year.


Lewis and Clark traveled through this beautiful country on their famous expedition. There are many beautiful parks, including Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. So be sure to pack your comfy hiking boots!

À ne pas rater

Plan a visit to the Charles M. Russell Museum and view the works of this iconic artist. The hotel's site in Montana is surrounded by the landscapes that Russell captured in his paintings. The museum preserves the artist's stunning pieces for all to enjoy.

À voir

You can bask in one of the most awe-inspiring sights just a few minutes from this Great Falls hotel's location. In Montana, the Giant Springs State Park has one of the largest fresh-water springs in the world and is a great place to spend an afternoon.

À faire

You can see the amazing vistas while hearing about the town's past. The hotel's property in Great Falls, Montana is a short drive to the beginning of the Historic Trolley tour route. Best of all, you can choose which landmarks you would like to see!


Electric City Speedway

Distance de l'hôtel: 0.4 MI/ 0.64 KM North


Centene Stadium

Distance de l'hôtel: 2.7 MI/ 4.35 KM Nord-Est

Great Falls Ice Plex

Distance de l'hôtel: 6 MI/ 9.66 KM Sud-Ouest


Distance de l'hôtel: 2.2 MI/ 3.54 KM Nord-Est


Distance de l'hôtel: 1.2 MI/ 1.93 KM East



Distance de l'hôtel: 2.7 MI/ 4.35 KM Sud-Ouest


Giant Springs State Park

Distance de l'hôtel: 5.4 MI/ 8.69 KM Nord-Est