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Zone locale


  • Cet hôtel se situe en centre-ville
  • Distance de l'hôtel: 2.7 KILOMETERS
  • Fuseau horaire local: GMT-6


Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport (GDL)


Plaza Del Sol Shopping Mall

Quoi de neuf

There is a lot to do so let's start organizing your list of experiences! Visit our magnificent historic center, have an encounter with nature in the Guadalajara Zoo, experience art in the Museum of Arts (MUSA), experience the magic of Tlaquepaque downtown, get passion from the soccer passion in the Akron Stadium and more!


Guadalajara is a beautiful city with a large number of attractions, the best recommendation is to leave very early so that the hours of the day reach and above all to do more things before wasting a lot of time in rush hour traffic. Architecture, museums, cultural spaces, markets and tianguis, parks and zoos, much to do to marvel at what Guadalajara offers.

À ne pas rater

Living a full Mexican experience during their stay at this hotel's property. Guadalajara, Mexico is known for its tequila, so take the Tequila Express Tour! You'll board a train and learn all about agave and how tequila is produced.

À voir

During your stay at this hotel's location in Guadalajara, you'll be surrounded by rich history and beautiful structures. One such building is the Guadalajara Cathedral. Built in the 16th century, the Guadalajara Cathedral dominates the downtown skyline.

À faire

While you visit this hotel's location in Guadalajara, Mexico, it is imperative that you experience one of the staples of this culture, and that is Mexican soccer (call it futbol). Estadio Jalisco is home to the Chivas soccer team and is four miles away.

Parc à thème

Theme Park "Selva Magica"

Distance de l'hôtel: 9.82 MI/ 15.8 KM North


Racetrack Guadalajara

Distance de l'hôtel: 12.43 MI/ 20 KM Sud


Metropolitan Park

Distance de l'hôtel: 3.73 MI/ 6 KM East

Colomos Forest

Distance de l'hôtel: 4.72 MI/ 7.6 KM


Distance de l'hôtel: 3.11 MI/ 5 KM Ouest


Cinepolis Ciudadela Lyfestyle Center

Distance de l'hôtel: 0.62 MI/ 1 KM Ouest

Cinepolis La Gran Plaza Mall

Distance de l'hôtel: 1.24 MI/ 2 KM Sud-Ouest


Metropolitan Park

Distance de l'hôtel: 4.1 MI/ 6.6 KM Nord-Ouest