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InterContinental Dubai Festival City

역사적인 두바이 수로에 위치한 현대적인 랜드마크

인터컨티넨탈 Dubai Festival City

우아한 범선에서 영감을 얻은 이 호텔은 두바이 수로(Dubai Creek)에 당당하게 서 있으며, 부르즈 할리파(Burj Khalifa) 및 두바이 세계무역센터(Dubai World Trade Centre)와 가까워 사업상 위치가 최적입니다. 페스티벌 센터(Festival Centre) 또는 세계적으로 유명한 금 시장에서 쇼핑하거나 아라비아 사막(Arabian Desert)에서 낙타를 타거나 선수권대회급의 18홀 알 바디아 골프 클럽(Al Badia Golf Club)에서 게임을 하면서 도시의 대조적인 모습을 탐구하세요. 이 두바이 호텔에는 미슐랭 스타를 받은 Reflets par Pierre Gagnaire, 풀 서비스 스파, 25미터 실외 풀장 등 고급 부대시설이 갖춰져 있습니다.

레노베이션에 대한 정보
현지 시간
체크인: 3오후
체크아웃: 12오후
프런트 데스크: +971-04-7011111

직원 구사 언어

  • 아프리칸스어
  • 아랍어
  • 중국어
  • 체코어
  • 네덜란드어
  • 영어
  • 프랑스어
  • 독일어
  • 힌디어
  • 인도네시아어
  • 일본어
  • 펀자브어
  • 러시아어
  • 스페인어
  • 스와힐리어
  • 타갈로그어
  • 터키어
  • 통화



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    • Dubai International Airport T1 and T3 (DXB)
    • 예상 택시 요금: 15 AED
    • 택시 이용 시 예상 소요 시간: 10 mins
    • Sharjah International Airport (SHJ)
    • 예상 택시 요금: 60 AED
    • 택시 이용 시 예상 소요 시간: 40 mins
    • Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH)
    • 예상 택시 요금: 200 AED
    • 택시 이용 시 예상 소요 시간: 1.30 hours
    • DWC - Al Maktoum International Airport (DWC)
    • 예상 택시 요금: 150 AED
    • 택시 이용 시 예상 소요 시간: 1 hour


    • 주차장 이용 가능
    • 주차 대행 가능
    • Free valet and self-service parking make life easy for those travelling to InterContinental Dubai Festival City hotel by car.


    Dubai에 오신 것을 환영합니다

    Kamal Jayalath
    Chief Concierge

    I am proud to be part of the award-winning team at InterContinental Dubai Festival City

    Planet Trekkers Kids Club
    Planet Trekkers Kids Club
    Play, run and depart on fun-filled adventures at Planet Trekkers, our signature children’s club for young explorers. Designed to inspire creativity and curiosity, our activity program offers safe and supervised ways for kids to learn and experience new things with unique climbing walls, arts and crafts, cooking classes and many more.

    Dubai에서 식사하기



    6:30 오전-11:00 오후

    Anise has a unique, beautifully designed fire and ice theme with huge windows and elements of nature reflected in its decor. Enjoy interactive dining at the eight live cooking stations, or take a culinary trip at the buffet serving local and international dishes. Drop in for breakfast or for a casual lunch or dinner with colleagues.


    Choix Patisserie and Restaurant

    7:00 오전-9:00 오후

    Step into a world of minimalist white decor and enchanting city views ruled by Michelin starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. Order a la carte for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or treat yourself to a decadent selection of French desserts and pastries. High tea here is renowned throughout Dubai.


    Karam Al Bahr

    12:00 오후-12:00 오전

    Karam al Bahr takes on the legacy of Karam Beirut, the family's restaurant that was present in 'Hayy el Zeitunay' over 60 years ago. Karam Al Bahr takes on the legacy of Karam Beirut. Karam Al Bahr features a wide range of fresh fish and exquisite Lebanese dishes that are perfect for lunch or dinner. Expect daily specials and the fresh catch section straight from the sea and on to your plate blended in with traditional Lebanese flavours. Dine in style with a great view at our outdoor terrace w


    Pierres TT

    4:00 오후-2:00 오전

    Headed by the inimitable three Michelin star Chef Pierre Gagnaire, Pierre's TT is creatively handcrafted to create joyful and appetizing dining experiences. From authentic French delicacies to outstanding mixology, this waterfront restaurant at Dubai Festival City is a combination of amazing food and comfort with an ambiance infused with breezy elegance and relaxed charm making it one of Dubai's fast emerging and sought after French restaurants.


    Vista Restaurant and Terrace

    12:00 오전-2:00 오전

    Whether it be for a casual sundowner, a lazy afternoon or a social night out with family and friends, Vista Restaurant and Terrace welcomes you with a panorama of sophistication from its vibrant atmosphere with large outdoor terrace, offering premium 180 degrees views over the creek to the Dubai city skyline, to its bespoke collection of beverages and flavours, accompanied by Latino inspired tapas selection.

    Choix Patisserie and Restaurant
    Karam Al Bahr
    Pierres TT
    Vista Restaurant and Terrace
    클래식 객실 또는 스위트

    클래식한 객실들

    Guest Room Photo
    클래식한 객실들

    이그제큐티브 룸

    Executive Room Photo
    이그제큐티브 룸


    Suite Photo

    클래식한 객실들

    Choose a Classic Room for beautiful views accentuated by marble floors and splashes of rich jewel colours. Indulgent extras, including luxury toiletries and a standalone bathtub, help you to relax after a busy day, while the premium bedding will provide comfort and a good night sleep.
    Guest Room Photo

    이그제큐티브 룸

    Executive Rooms are defined by panoramic views of Dubai Creek and skyline. Relax in your room with ample space, and watch from the large-screen TV as you lie in the comfortable bed. Enjoy your club privileges including access to the exclusive Club Lounge offering gourmet dining and premium drinks.
    Executive Room Photo


    The hotel’s exquisite suites use soothing neutral tones, designer furniture and luxury amenities to create an atmosphere of unparalleled serenity. Entertain your friends in the separate lounge or just relax and admire views that span from across the creek to the iconic downtown Dubai skyline.
    Suite Photo
    클래식한 객실들
    이그제큐티브 룸
    필수 항목
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    유료 직원 보조 서비스

    • 응급 진료
    • Doctor On Call Hours of Operation from 12:00 오전 to 11:59 오후
    • 드라이 클리닝 수거 또는 세탁 대행
    • 당일 드라이 클리닝
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    기타 서비스

    • 개인 리무진
    • 비즈니스 센터
    • 24 Hour Business Center
    • 비즈니스 센터 직원 근무
    • 프린터
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    • 업무 지원 서비스

    회의 및 이벤트


    At the Event Centre, 19 sumptuously decorated venues offer expert event planning, adjustable setups and a maximum capacity of 1,300. The hotel also owns Festival Arena, an extravagant 5,000 square metre events venue.