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Wajib Dilihat

ZiWei Cave is located in ZiWei Mountain in the west part of ChaoHu. There is a big cave in the middle of the mountain which is formed by the underground river during crustal movement. It is 3,000 meters long and the main cave is 1,500 meters long.

Wajib Dilakukan

Chaohu is known as a town of “SPA”: Xiangquan, Bantang, Tangchi hot springs are known for containing over 30 kinds of mineral that helps in curing some diseases or simply relaxation. So don't miss the chances to experience the Hotspring when you visit Chaohu. It's relaxing and good for your health.

Jangan Pulang Tanpa

Chaohu is famous for its native snacks such as Yudai cake, Wujiang King Cake, Fried Crisp, etc. Yudai cake is well known when it was named by Emperor Qian Long. It tastes sweet and tender, which is a good gift for your friends and relatives.


Chaohu has a moderate climate with rainfall concentrated in spring and summer. The rainy season usually lasts about 25 days (roughly every June 17th to July 11th). So when you visit Chaohu in this time period, please bring your raincoat or umbrellas when you go out.