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avid™ hotels is a fresh, midscale brand designed for guests and owners. IHG has applied its insights, expertise, and scale to deliver a “just right” experience at an excellent value. Clear and simple booking, rooms designed for sound sleep, a good all-round breakfast, and the avid hotels guarantee set this brand apart.


  • 飯店商務中心
  • 商務中心 24 小時開放
  • 提供人員服務之商務中心
  • 影印機
  • 複印設備
  • 辦公設備用品


  • 免費使用健身中心
  • Our gym is open 24/7 for you to workout. We provide a wide range of equipment for cardio, weight-training and resistance, including treadmills, spin bikes, elliptical trainers and weights. We also provide balance balls & ear buds.
  • 健身中心設備:橢圓機, 自由重量訓練, 樓梯步機, 固定腳踏車, 踏車
  • 健身中心類型:EXTENSIVE


  • 所有 IHG® 優悅會會員可免費享受標準有線上網服務
  • 房間, 套房, 商務中心 與 公共區域 中提供無線網路服務。
  • 所有 IHG® 優悅會會員可免費享受無線網路服務


  • 大廳免費招待咖啡
  • 製冰機