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استكشف Dalian

نصائح محلية

نصائح محلية

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Dalian Donggang music fountain square, East jetty in accordance with international yacht harbor is Dalian city landmark plaza. The fountain is accompanied by music, the height of fountain accord with variety of music signal, and the lights keep changing shapes and colors. People are marveled at this magnificent sight.

ما الجديد؟

The Discovery Land is a largest amusement park has 20 rides, including 3 roller coasters and 2 water rides. A Disney-ish castle rises above a small lake in the center. The Golden Pebble Beach resort just nearby, within the Dalian coastal National Geopark, offers golf, luxury dining & an international convention center, Dolphins visit here from May to October.


Dalian is one of the beautiful seaside cities in China, If you would rather stay in the shade, there are picturesque places where you can still soak in panoramic views of the harbour while savouring the fresh seafood which Dalian is famous for. Strolling down the tree-lined thoroughfares and admire the lush lawns of the many squares that pepper the city.

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Xiajiahezi Beach Park, Xinghai Beach, Bangchuidao Beach and Golden Pebble Beach are all very popular, besides swimming, you can take part in other marine sports such as diving, windsurfing or jet-ski.

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The North Temperate Zone climate with high rainfalls endow Dalian with an ideal seawater environment to produce a variety of rich nutritious marine products such as white fish, prawns, crabs, shellfish, oysters, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, abalone. Therefore eating the sea food is undoubtedly a great experience in Dalian.

أمور يجب القيام بها

أمور يجب القيام بها

Xiajiahezi Beach Park

Xiajiahezi Seaside Park is located in Xiajiahezi Village, Gezhen Bao Street, Ganjingzi. It is an ecological park integrating blue sky, blue sea, green land and sand beach. The bathing beach here beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, complete facilities, is one of the famous bathing beach in dalian, its biggest characteristic is tidal flats broad flat, smooth, the bottom of the sea for soft sand shale, a few hundred metres offshore only waist-high water depth, very suitable for beginners.