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Kota Terdekat: Zhuhai

Petunjuk Arah dari Pusat Kota ke Hotel: 1.16 MI/ 1.86 KM Timur Laut

Zona Waktu Setempat: GMT+8

Hotel ini berada di pusat kota

Atraksi menarik Di Sekitar

Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Center
Senado Square
Macau Museum
A-Ma Temple
Macau Wine Museum
The Ruins of St. Paul's
Hong Kong- Zhuhai-Macau Bridge


Caesars Golf Macau : 12.43 MI/ 20 KM Selatan

Wajib Dilihat

The two outlying islands of Taipa and Coloane, connected to the Macau Peninsula by three bridges feature tranquil natural and beach sceneries and are good choice for a short break away from the bustling Peninsula. The city's Jockey Club's horse racing attracts tourists, Hac Sa Beach and Cheoc Van Beach are two breathtaking natural scenic areas with the best seaside bathing places.

Wajib Dilakukan

Thanks to its free port status Macau is a shoppers' paradise and foremost among the popular buys are jewelry (particularly gold), brand label clothes, Chinese antiques, porcelain and pottery as well as wine, cameras, watches, knit-wear together with a host of electric gadgetry all at free duty prices.

Ada Apa Yang Baru

Standing in front of the hotel is the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, newly opened in 2018. Guests can enjoy the picturesque bridge view from the hotel and access quickly to immigration and luggage handling to both HZMB Bridge and the Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, as well as Gongbei (Zhuhai) Border.

Jangan Pulang Tanpa

The popular local dishes include Bacalhau, African Chicken, Galinha Portuguesa, Paella and Clam Stir-fried with Garlic. Wine and good food brings out the best of each other and Portuguese wines are an excellent accompaniment to the delicious local food. Serradura is a famous after dinner sweet that is considered to be a favorite with a majority of the local and visitors.


Having distinctive dry and wet seasons, Macau's weather is generally warm and foggy in spring, hot and rainy in summer, cool and clear in autumn, and cold but sunny in winter. The average annual temperature is about 20 C and the highest temperature is over 30 C. April to October is the rainy season. Autumn and winter, especially mid-October to December, are recommended as the best visit times.

Tempat Olahraga

Macau Stadium

Jarak ke hotel: 4.91 MI/ 7.9 KM Selatan

Taman Hiburan

Macau Tower

Jarak ke hotel: 3.54 MI/ 5.7 KM Selatan

Lintasan Balap

Coloane Karting Track

Jarak ke hotel: 6.77 MI/ 10.9 KM Selatan

Museum atau Galeri

Jarak ke hotel: 1.99 MI/ 3.2 KM Barat Daya

Wisata Tamasya

Jarak ke hotel: 3.11 MI/ 5 KM Barat Daya

Perguruan Tinggi atau Universitas

University of Macau

Jarak ke hotel: 7.15 MI/ 11.5 KM Selatan

Kebun Binatang atau Akuarium

Macao Giant Panda Pavilion

Jarak ke hotel: 6.9 MI/ 11.1 KM Selatan

Padang Golf

Caesars Golf Macau

Jarak ke hotel: 12.43 MI/ 20 KM Selatan


盧廉若公園 Lou Lim Ieoc Garden

Jarak ke hotel: 1.08 MI/ 1.74 KM Barat Daya


聖老楞佐堂St. Lawrence's Church

Jarak ke hotel: 2.01 MI/ 3.23 KM Barat Daya

Aktivitas Anak

Aktivitas anak tersedia

Kid's Playground is located on the 3F of the hotel.

Saat ini tidak tersedia materi untuk Restoran Terdekat.