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Kota Terdekat: 苏州 Suzhou

Petunjuk Arah dari Pusat Kota ke Hotel: 1.24 MI/ 2 KM Barat

Zona Waktu Setempat: GMT+0

Hotel ini berada di pusat kota

Atraksi menarik Di Sekitar

Suzhou Exhibition Center
Humble Administractor's Garden
Tiger Hill
Lingering Garden
Guanqian Street
Master-of-Nets Garden
Suzhou Museum
Han Shan Temple
Shantang Street
Ferris Wheel Park
Eslite Bookstore
Shin Kong Place
Suzhou Center

Stasiun Kereta Api Terdekat

Suzhou Industrial Park Station

Kawasan Bisnis Terdekat

Bosch Automotive Products (Suzhou)

Andrew Corporation

Samsung Electronics Co.Ltd.

Nokia Telecommunications Co.

ZF Ag.

AMD China

Baxter Suzhou

Lilly Pharmaceutical


HSBC (China) Co.Ltd Suzhou Branch

DBS Bank


Philips Healthcare (Suzhou) Co.Ltd


Novartis Pharma Ltd.

China Mobile

Stryker SZ Medical Tecnology




Umicore Autocat China Co.Ltd

Pusat Konvensi Terdekat

Suzhou Int'l Expo Center博览中心

Jarak ke Hotel: 1.86 MI/ 3 KM Timur

Stasiun Kereta Bawah Tanah Terdekat

Dongfangzhimen Station


Suzhou Jinji Lake Golf Club 金鸡湖高尔夫俱乐部 : 6.21 MI/ 10 KM Tenggara

Tenis Luar Ruangan: 4.97 MI/ 8 KM

Tenis Dalam Ruang: 1.86 MI/ 3 KM

Wajib Dilihat

Explore Tiger Hill, 10km from Crowne Plaza Suzhou and resembling a crouching tiger. You can visit the leaning Yunyan Pagoda and Sword Pond, thought to viel 3,000 swords, and the ancient rock-carved calligraphy dotting the leafy hillside.

Wajib Dilakukan

Suzhou is famous for Chinese gardens like the peaceful Lingering Garden, 8km away. Learn about the garden's hidden legends while wandering among the rocks, bonsai trees and goldfish-filled waterlily ponds, with traditional music filling the air. From Spring to Fall, young and old alike can enjoy a yacht-cruise on the lake or the Amusement Park across the lake with a giant ferries wheel.

Ada Apa Yang Baru

Only around 380 meters from the hotel, Suzhou Center Shopping Mall occupies 350,000 sqm, including flagship stores of international brands, fashion brands, shopping and leisure brands, children's entertainment, and cultural experiences. It has become the new fashion and lifestyle icon of Suzhou city and even East China.

Jangan Pulang Tanpa

Sampling Suzhou's nightlife. Ancient Ming Dynasty architecture sits alongside tea houses and modern restaurants in Shantang Street, 7km away. Nearby Pingjiang Road, winding along a canal, is lined with jasmine trees and home to unique cafes and galleries. The quaint Shantang Street alongside another canal, a typical old China setting with shops, bars, restaurants, etc. is not to be missed.


To see an undiscovered aspect of Suzhou, you may visit the ancient town of Tongli. Cross the 3-Stone-Bridges that represent peace, luck and celebration or just stroll along the canals in this tiny Venice of the East. Closer to the hotel, within the city centre is the popular Pinjiang Lu beside another canal with ancient buildings converted into restaurants.

Tempat Olahraga

Dushu Lake Sports Center 独墅湖体育馆

Jarak ke hotel: 9.32 MI/ 15 KM Selatan


Suzhou Culture and Arts Center 苏州文化艺术中心

Jarak ke hotel: 1.24 MI/ 2 KM Timur

Museum atau Galeri

Jarak ke hotel: 4.97 MI/ 8 KM Barat

Wisata Tamasya

Jarak ke hotel: 4.35 MI/ 7 KM Barat

Perguruan Tinggi atau Universitas

Suzhou University 苏州大学

Jarak ke hotel: 6.21 MI/ 10 KM Barat

Kebun Binatang atau Akuarium

Suzhou Zoo 苏州动物园

Jarak ke hotel: 7.46 MI/ 12 KM Barat

Padang Golf

Suzhou Jinji Lake Golf Club 金鸡湖高尔夫俱乐部

Jarak ke hotel: 6.21 MI/ 10 KM Tenggara


Ferris Wheel Park 摩天轮乐园

Jarak ke hotel: 3.17 MI/ 5.1 KM Tenggara


Suzhou Library 苏州市图书馆

Jarak ke hotel: 6.21 MI/ 10 KM Barat


St. John's Church Suzhou 圣约翰教堂

Jarak ke hotel: 4.97 MI/ 8 KM Tenggara


Taiping Fang Mosque 太平坊清真寺

Jarak ke hotel: 12.43 MI/ 20 KM Barat

Aktivitas Anak

Aktivitas anak tersedia

The hotel has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a well-equipped indoor and outdoor kids' center, a kids' theater, a VR experience room and children's amenities in the guest rooms upon request.

Saat ini tidak tersedia materi untuk Restoran Terdekat.