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Restaurantes y bares

Estamos listos para recargar en cualquier momento y lugar. Disfrute de una variedad de opciones de alimentos y bebidas a lo largo del día, desde exquisitas cenas a comidas más ligeras en nuestro restaurante y salón con servicio completo. Trabaje o relájese a su gusto con cómodas opciones de comida en su habitación.

Comida en la habitación
  • Horario:  12:00 a. m. - 12:00 a. m.

Restaurantes del hotel

  • Ubicación: Ground Floor
  • Capacidad para:  Desayuno, Brunch, Almuerzo, Cena, Postre
  • Horario:  6:30 a. m.-2:30 p. m.
    6:00 p. m.-9:00 p. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-63471112(6150)
Cafe in the Park is a lively buffet restaurant offering the best cuisine the Mediterranean region has to offer. The weekly fiesta menus offer paella, tapas, pizza, Italian, grill and fresh seafood . A luxury brunch is offered every Sunday with grill, carving, and salads. The desserts offer everything you crave. Check our website for special offers. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
DOJIMA Teppanyaki Restaurant
  • Ubicación: Basement Level
  • Capacidad para:  Almuerzo, Cena, Postre
  • Horario:  12:00 a. m.-2:00 p. m.
    6:00 p. m.-9:00 p. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-63471112(6720)
If you've got a taste for authentic Japanese cuisine, Dojima Teppanyaki Restaurant features a custom menu with dishes cooked with fresh Japanese beef, seafood and crisp, fresh, seasonal mountain vegetables. Our skilled chef puts on an amazing display while preparing your sizzling meals right before your eyes, allowing for a delicious dining experience and entertainment all in one.
Japanese Restaurant TANKUMA KITAMISE
  • Ubicación: 6th Floor
  • Capacidad para:  Desayuno, Almuerzo, Cena
  • Horario:  6:30 a. m.-2:00 p. m.
    5:30 p. m.-9:00 p. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-63471112(6600)
Tankuma Kitamise provides the local and traditional tastes of Kyoto. Indulge in a signature dish with essence of the season. Not only Japanese Kaiseki course, but also you can enjoy tempura and sushi at the special counter. Private rooms are available for the meetings and gatherings.
KARIN Chinese Restaurant
  • Ubicación: 6th Floor
  • Capacidad para:  Almuerzo, Cena
  • Horario:  12:00 a. m.-2:00 p. m.
    6:00 p. m.-9:00 p. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-63471163(6620)
Add the essence of Nouvelle Chinois to Cantonese cuisine and provide up to date dishes with selected ingredients. In modern and cozy dining area, enjoy tasty and authentic dishes and you will find your favorite.
Maison Tateru Yoshino
  • Ubicación: 2nd floor
  • Capacidad para:  Almuerzo, Cena
  • Horario:  12:00 a. m.-2:00 p. m.
    6:00 p. m.-9:00 p. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-63471128
Maison Tateru Yoshino a French restaurant nestled on the second floor of ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka is the proud recipient of a newly acquired Michelin star. Here internationally renowned Chef Tateru Yoshino prepares traditional French cuisine incorporating an array of select vegetables to artistically accent each course. Our service teams attention to detail provides each guest with a memorable dining experience for lunch or dinner.
Shunka Shuto
  • Ubicación: 2nd floor
  • Capacidad para:  Almuerzo, Cena
  • Horario:  11:30 a. m.-2:30 p. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-64427565
Chef is delighted to present his own style of Kushiage

Bares y salones del hotel

Lobby Lounge
  • Ubicación: Ground Floor
  • Horario:  10:00 a. m. - 9:00 p. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-63471112
Relax with tea and cake at daytime and enjoy nice selection of appetizers with a sip of wine at bar time. Lobby Lounge shows the different faces at day and night. Have some free time in your busy days.
The Library Bar
  • Ubicación: 2nd Floor
  • Horario:  5:00 p. m. - 11:00 a. m.
  • Teléfono:  81-6-63471112
Stop in for a cocktail and unwind in a chic British library. The Library Bar offers luxury experience for ladies and gentlemen.