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Holiday Inn Dusseldorf - Neuss


Just a stone's throw away, the metropolis of Düsseldorf offers a colorful range of unique events all year round. Directly on site, the old Roman city of Neuss attracts visitors with its medieval history and diverse leisure activities.


Neuss City Centre / Quirinus Basilica

Münsterplatz, Neuss, 41460

The Quirinus Basilica, also known as Quirinus Minster, is an impressive Romanesque building in Neuss. As one of the city's most important landmarks, it houses the relics of the city's patron saint, St Quirinus. Visitors marvel at the impressive architecture, the Gothic elements and the rich history of the building, which was constructed in the 13th century. Visits and guided tours offer insights into the religious and cultural significance of the basilica.

Clemens-Sels-Museum Neuss

Am Obertor, Neuss, 41460

The Clemens Sels Museum in Neuss is home to an impressive collection of works of art, including paintings, ceramics and sculptures. Visitors can discover both regional and international art treasures from different eras. The museum offers regularly changing exhibitions as well as events and workshops for art lovers of all ages.

Neuss - Museum Insel Hombroich and Kulturraum

Minkel 2, Neuss, 41472

The Museum Insel Hombroich in Neuss combines architecture, art and nature in a unique way. It offers a collection of contemporary art in an idyllic and natural park with a sculpture garden. The harmonious surroundings invite discovery and inspiration by appealing to visitors' senses and transporting them into a world of beauty and creativity.

Neuss - Alpenpark Neuss with indoor-skiing hall

An der Skihalle 1, Neuss, 41472

Snow all over the year, not only for skiers but also for snowboarders and sled fanatics, you get in Germany's first ski hall. Every night it snows crystals on the 300-metre-long and 100-metre-wide ski slope. There is also an offer to get ski lessons at the Allrounder Ski School. The suitable equipment you get at the ski rental or at the Allrounder Sport Shop.

Duesseldorf Media Harbour

Düsseldorf MedienHafen, Am Handelshafen, Düsseldorf, 40221

The former Rhine harbour has undergone a drastic transformation in the last two decades: where silos and warehouses used to form the skyline of the harbour district, today, there are building complexes designed by nationally and internationally renowned architects. The MedienHafen is home to about 800 companies, especially from the media and communications segments, fashion and architecture as well as art and culture. The harbour owes its special charm to the mix of new and old.

Duesseldorf Koenigsallee ("Kö") / Old Town

Koenigsallee, Duesseldorf, 40212

Duesseldorf's Koenigsallee is more than a street to shop on – it's a business card, a real splendour and an international trademark. Affectionately called the "Kö" by Duesseldorf's residents, it's the main reason for the city's image of an elegant shopping destination and a sophisticated lifestyle. The "Who's Who" of the fashion world presents itself on the Kö. Numerous flagship-stores, small boutiques, luxurious jewelers and impressive shopping-malls invite for a leisurely stroll.

Duesseldorf - Roncalli's Apollo Varieté

Apollo-Platz 1, Duesseldorf, 40213

In a prominent position on the Rhine embankment promenade, directly under the Rheinknie bridge, a magnificent theatre was built with a uniquely intimate atmosphere. The fascinating world of variety theatre has come alive again under a starry sky: breathtaking artistry, acrobatics and top-class clownery.

Duesseldorf - Capitol Theatre

Erkrather Strasse 30, Duesseldorf, 40233

With 1,100 seats in the big hall and approx. 400 seats in the "Club", the Capitol-Theater Duesseldorf is the city's largest theatre. It was established in a former tram depot with more than 100 years of history. Located in the heart of Duesseldorf, the Capitol Theater guarantees exceptional and top-class entertainment by offering a selected programme of musical, show, comedy and dance. Highlights like Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Cabaret, Miami Nights and Cats cast a spell on the audience.

Duesseldorf - Foundation Castle and Park Benrath

Schlossallee 100-106, Duesseldorf, 40597

One of the most beautiful garden palaces of the 18th century is situated in Duesseldorf's southern district of Benrath. Planned and built between 1756 and 1773 by Nicolas de Pigage, the Palace and Park Benrath was constructed as a maison de plaisance for Elector Carl Theodor. The palace is an overall work of art dating from the late baroque period that combines art, landscaping and nature.

Duesseldorf - Rhine embankment promenade

It is regarded as one of the most beautiful of esplanades – Duesseldorf's Rhine embankment promenade. Planned by Niklaus Fritschi and buildt between 1990 and 1997, it once again has joined the city to its river. It symbolises Dusseldorfers' Rhenish joie-de-vivre and particularly in summer is an expression of the city's Mediterranean lifestyle. The traffic that roars through the tunnel beneath its bluish, wave-patterned pavement remains unnoticed above. The Rhine embankment promenade links the tr

Neanderthal Museum

Talstrasse 300, Mettmann, 40822

What is the origin of man? This is the eternal question to which the Neanderthal Museum has dedicated itself. It is about 20 minutes from the centre of Düsseldorf by car. The emphasis in the exhibition of man's history is and as you can guess from the site the Neanderthal Man. Life-sized figures are modelled on the basis of cranium findings; there are audio texts, films and interactive information for getting background knowledge. A walk through the forest and on the paths of the Neanderthal is

Zons on the Rhine (medieval atmosphere)

Zollfeste Zons, Dormagen, 41541

Raw middle ages -Toll fortress Zons The toll fortress of Zons is located just 20 minutes from the city of Neuss. The well-preserved city wall, the gates, the medieval streets and walking paths make for a nice walk.

Neuss - Langen Foundation

Raketenstation Hombroich, Neuss, 41472

In front of the gates of Duesseldorf - in the cultural area called Hombroich - the Japanese star architect Tadao Ando has created an impressive architectual adventure. Since September 2004 is the house of Langen Foundation one of the first-class addresses for exhibitions and events. Art, culture and communication form a unit. The guests experience a great time and unforgettable impressions.

shopping mall "CentrO Oberhausen"

Centroallee, Oberhausen, 46047

CentrO is a shopping mall and part of a large commercial development in Oberhausen. It is Germany's largest shopping mall with 119,000 sq. meters of sales area and 830,000 sq. meters of operating space. You also can find numerous touristic attractions, for example the Sea-Life-Aquarium and the leasure harbor. As viewpoint the Gasometer Oberhausen and the waterpark AQUApark. Additional attractions like Legoland Discovery Centre or Sea-Life adventure park were opened in spring 2013.

The Rheinturm

Stromstrasse 20, Dusseldorf, 40221

The Rheinturm is a striking landmark on the Dusseldorf’s Rhine skyline. It is 240 metres high, with a glass-fronted 180-seat restaurant at an altitude of 172 metres that rotates on its axis once an hour. Bar & Lounge is located below the restaurant as is a viewing platform with a breathtaking view of the Rhine metropolis. When the weather is good, one can see as far as Cologne Cathedral. The two lifts convey visitors to the various levels at a speed of 4 metres per second. Barrier-free access.


Restaurant "Spitzweg"


Serves sophisticated German cuisine; closed on Sundays. Reservation required.

Restaurant "Da Michele"


Typical Italian Restaurant! Very good cuisine. Michele cooks and the whole family helps. Especially on weekends, reservation is necessary! Open daily from 12 noon till 3 pm and 5.30 pm till 11 pm. Closed on Sundays.


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