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Holiday Inn Express Jinjiang Anhai

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Southern Fujian rhyme sings: "Anhai vegetable cake is like a white pagoda, a real sea worm jelly is well-known, Shenhu fish balls is cooked by the fist patting, Yakou taro and pork rice, Zhang Lin stews ginger duck, spirit water preserved vegetable laughs heartily." The Anhai characteristics can hardly be more perfect

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Main leisure spots around the hotel, Anpingqiao Park: the towering Ruiguang white tower at the end of the bridge and the magnificent five mile long bridge are all in sight. Longshan Temple: stroll under the kapok tree, meditate in chanting sutras. Shijing Academy: walk through the main hall and the four corridors and rooms.

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Tasting paste noodles, oyster fry, vinegar meat, satay noodles, sea worm jelly, glutinous rice dumpling filled with meat, you can experience life, which cannot be separated from fuel, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea; Tasting food, is to swim between the sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty. Among the vast ancient books of Chinese food culture, the ancient town of Anhai in Jinjiang is

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Anhai Town has been built for nearly a thousand years with numerous historical sites. The world-famous Wuli Bridge, Longshan Temple, Sanli Street and Shijing Academy are the foundation of this historic and cultural town! Anhai, with its profound historical and cultural accumulation and rich cultural tourism resources, is destined to give you an extraordinary travel experience.

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