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Holiday Inn Express Pachuca



Jangan Pulang Tanpa

You can´t go without tasting our typical dish of Pachuca "the paste" which was introduced by the British, but it's part of our everyday life. And if you're around in weekend, why not go and live the experience of a soccer game at the Hurricane Stadium to support out team “Tuzos”.

Wajib Dilihat

If you are in Pachuca you can not miss the Magic Towns of Hidalgo. They are very close to the beautiful windy city and has too many attractions, from a traditional coffee with a beautiful landscape to practicing rappelling in a cave. Your choices are between Huasca de Ocampo and Mineral del Chico Real del Monte, or you can even visit all three of them.

Wajib Dilakukan

Hidalgo has a great variety of reginal food; you must try the “pastes” barbacoa and ximbo. And why not try something unusual like our delicious chiicuiles or escamoles. The city of Pachuca is near the Magic Towns. With all its tourist attractions, you can try extreme sports to cultural and exceptional sightseeing in Real del Monte, Huasca de Ocampo and El Chico.

Kiat Lokal

Weather Pachuca is very drastic, no matter the season of the year, so bring a jacket. We recommend that you prepare your stomach because Hidalgo has a variety of traditional food and is so delicious you'll want to try everything!

Objek Wisata Di Sekitar

  • University of Soccer
  • Real del Monte Magic Town
  • Feria de Pachuca
  • Salón de la Fama y Mundo Fútbol