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Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Chongming

No.38, Xinchong South Road, Chongming District , Shanghai, 202150

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Cosa c'è nei dintorni

Cosa c'è nei dintorni

  • Chongming Museum
  • Sightseeing Dike
  • Bayi Road Walking Street
  • The Dongping National Forest Park
  • Mingzhu Lake Park
  • Xisha National Wetland Park
  • Genbao Football Base
  • Yingzhou Park
  • Shouan Temple
  • Jinaoshan Park
Centro città

Centro città

Nome città: Shanghai

Indicazioni stradali dal centro città all'hotel: Sud

Distanza dall'hotel: 60.89 MI/ 98 KM

Da vedere

Da vedere

Chongming Museum, which was built in Yuantaiding 4th year, is one of the three remaining learning palaces in Shanghai. It is also an important scenic spot for humanistic tourism and a place for patriotic education.

Da non perdere

Da non perdere

Dongping National Forest Park is located in north central Chongming Island, China’s third largest island. Occupying 3.58 square kilometers and 90% covered in forest, it's the largest mature man-made flatland forest in east China.

Non tornare a casa senza

Non tornare a casa senza

Chongming Cake is one of the traditional special cakes in Shanghai Chongming. It can be divided into two types: hard and soft. Soft cake can be eaten directly, but hard cake need to be eaten after heating.

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Shanghai's modern subway system offers a fast and inexpensive way to get around the city. If you're staying for a few days, consider buying a rechargeable Shanghai Public Traffic Card, which you can use to pay for the subway, local buses and ferries.