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InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland

Destination Hotel

Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland

InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is a luxury hotel located in Songjiang, the root of Shanghai, is 40 minutes from the Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. It sits the landmark of China at 88 meters closer to the heart of earth. The hotel is an awe-inspiring destination bringing together affluent travelers to experience the glamour of InterContinental life in business, leisure and adventure travel.

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FRONT DESK : +86-21-67661888

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    • Please contact our Concierge for wheel Chair information
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Kamar Tamu
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    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Parkir
      • Tempat Parkir Difabel dengan Rambu
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    • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (SHA)
    • Perkiraan Ongkos Taksi: # {estimateChargeByTaxi}


    • Parkir mobil tersedia
    • Ruang Parkir/127 Tempat
    • Biaya harian parkir sendiri: 0 CNY
    • Outdoor parking, 127 parking Spaces


    Selamat Datang di Shanghai

    John Yin
    Chief Concierge

    Welcome to InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland! I am John Yin, Chief Concierge.


    Bersantap di Shanghai


    Cai Feng Lou

    11:30 AM-2:30 PM
    5:30 PM-10:00 PM

    Cai Feng Lou Chinese Restaurant boasts a thematically unique motif representing traditional Chinese bird keeping culture. Using the Songjiang is fresh produce,the culinary team here creates exquisite specialties from the Zhejiang and Guangdong Province.

    The Quarry


    5:00 PM-10:00 PM

    Located one floor below the water level, this specialty seafood venue is enveloped in a sea of water creatures swimming about in a custom built display. Here, all your senses will be delighted by the tantalising fresh offerings from the sea and the unique design of the restaurant surroundings.

    The Quarry


    6:30 AM-10:30 PM

    Commune is a "shared space" dining experience transforming the notion of "buffet" into an upscale experience. Guests enjoy international cuisines served in open kitchen stations or available la carte. A separate children play area provides a delightful experience for our youngest guests.

    The Quarry

    The Quarry

    2:00 PM-1:00 AM

    The Quarry Bar with, its awe-inspiring views, serves up creative concoctions as well as your all-time favorites. Our selection of premium Scotch and spirits can be savored on the rocks with the bar’s stone shaped “quarry” ice balls.

    The Quarry

    She Shan Lounge

    10:00 AM-9:00 PM

    The Lobby Lounge showcases the hotel’s architectural verve and natural landscape. Here you will enjoy mountain grown teas, specialty coffee, your favorite cocktail and an assortment of refreshing beverages and savory snacks.

    The Quarry
    Cai Feng Lou
    The Quarry
    She Shan Lounge
    Kamar Eksekutif atau Suite

    Kamar Klasik

    Guest Room Photo
    Kamar Klasik

    Kamar Eksekutif

    Executive Room Photo
    Kamar Eksekutif


    Suite Photo

    Kamar Klasik

    Elegantly furnished and spacious guestrooms equipped with 55-inch LCD TV,JBL audio player and sound system, separate shower bathtub and branded bath products. Dyson hair dryers Quarry View of Song Jiang Area
    Garnet Room has 40 square meters of spacious and dynamic space, offering a panoramic view of the landscape, such as the waterfall, which flows over the cliff outside.
    Every guest room has one private balcony, can enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery and quarry view.
    Guest Room Photo

    Kamar Eksekutif

    Exclusive Club room amenities set up, enjoy Club InterContinental access with breakfast, evening cocktails and Happy Hours. Club InterContinental located on below 13F overlooking the quarry, provides the ultimate in personalized service and premium facilities. Lower Floor with the View of Quarry
    Executive Room Photo


    Spacious suite features a separate living and bedroom areas. The suite is equipped with one 55-inch TV and 85-inch TV at Chairman Suite, JBL audio player and sound system, walk in closet. You can enjoy exclusive club lounge access with breakfast and evening cocktails.
    Butler service
    Suite Photo
    Kamar Klasik
    Kamar Eksekutif
    Hal-hal Esensial
    Temukan pelayanan untuk bisnis, kebugaran, anak-anak, dan lainnya

    Pelayanan Berbasis Biaya dan Berbantuan Staf

    • Pengambilan Dry Cleaning atau Laundry Valet
    • Penukaran Mata Uang Asing
    • Penerjemahan Lisan dan Tulisan
    • Housekeeping Harian

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    • Layanan Kurir
    • Email dan Internet
    • Lantai Eksekutif
    • Pelayanan faksimile
    • Lantai Klub Eksekutif

    Pertemuan & Acara


    Meeting spaces and facilities are tailored made to make your events a great success.The main feature is a 900 square meter Grand Ballroom, sub dividable into three separate function rooms with the capability for drive in display.