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InterContinental Tokyo Bay


Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

We are an iconic, luxury waterfront hotel situated at the Tokyo Bay. Relax in a spacious hotel room paired with an exclusive, panoramic view of the Tokyo skyline. Our prime location in central Tokyo allows for convenient travel to and from popular tourist destinations, downtown shopping districts, business events, and airports. At the InterContinental Tokyo Bay, we are dedicated to creating a personalized travel experience for our guests. Uncover a new side of the city of Tokyo with us.

Tentang Renovasi Kami
waktu lokal
CHECK-IN: 3PM (Tersedia check-in dini) CHECK-IN: 3PM (Tersedia check-in dini) CHECK-IN: 3PM (Tersedia check-in dini)
CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat) CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat) CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat)
FRONT DESK : +81-3-54042222

Bahasa yang Digunakan oleh Staf

  • Bahasa Inggris
  • Bahasa Jepang
  • Mata Uang



    • Hewan Pembantu Dapat Dibawa Masuk
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Kamar Tamu
      • Furnitur bisa ditata ulang untuk memperluas ruang
      • Kamar & Rute yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Sistem Darurat Kabel/Tombol Kamar Mandi
      • Sistem Darurat Kabel/Tombol Kamar Tidur
      • Ruang Berputar yang Cukup
      • Perpipaan Berbantalan/Ruang Bebas Di Bawah Meja Rias
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Elevator
      • Akses Elevator Semua Lantai
      • Elevator yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Area Publik
      • Toilet Umum: Perpipaan Berbantalan/Ruang Bebas Meja Rias
      • Toilet Umum: Bilik yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Pintu Masuk Hotel yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Kursi Roda Tersedia
      • Toilet Publik yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Tempat Duduk Kursi Roda Restoran
      • Fasilitas Umum yang Dapat Diakses Difabel
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Parkir
      • Jalan Datar Antara Parkir dan Pintu Masuk
      • Parkir Difabel/ Dapat Diakses

    kebijakan hewan peliharaan

    • Pets allowed only for 8F Dog Friendly Floor and dog lounge.


      Kamar Standar, Suite, Area Publik dan Ruang Konvensi Pertemuan


    • Haneda International Airport (HND)
    • Perkiraan Ongkos Taksi: # {estimateChargeByTaxi}
    • Narita International Airport (NRT)
    • Perkiraan Ongkos Taksi: # {estimateChargeByTaxi}
    • Perkiraan waktu dengan taksi: 70 minutes
    • Ongkos kereta api (sekali jalan): 3000 JPY


    • Parkir mobil tersedia
    • Ruang Parkir/172 Tempat
    • Biaya harian parkir sendiri: 3000 JPY
    • Hotel guest: One night ¥3,000 (tax included) *Available from check-in to 1 hour after check-out. *The following general rates will be added one hour after checkout. General use: 1 hour ¥660 (tax included) *Exit and reentry is permitted only once.


    Selamat Datang di Tokyo

    Aya Tachikawa

    We will assist you in creating an exquisite and unforgettable stay during your time withus


    Bersantap di Tokyo


    La Provence

    11:30 AM-3:00 PM
    5:30 PM-9:30 PM

    La Provence offers an authentic dining experience with lunch and dinner courses inspired by traditional flavors from Southern France. Start off the course with our house special, "Palette Art Hors d'Oeuvres", a colorful assortment of seasonal hors d'oeuvres which resembles an artist's palette. Feel free to ask for wine pairing recommendations from our seasoned team of sommeliers.


    Teppanyaki TAKUMI

    11:30 AM-9:30 PM

    Enjoy the rich flavors and umami of Wagyu Beef at Teppanyaki TAKUMI. Carefully selected ingredients are seared in fine olive oil to maintain their freshness and natural flavors. Courses are designed by Head Chef Mahara, who has served VIPs and guests from around the world.


    Chef's Live Kitchen

    6:30 AM-10:00 PM

    Based around the concepts of healthiness, beauty, and freshness, the Chef's Live Kitchen is a lively, open kitchen buffet restaurant. Explore the wide variety of live cooking stations which serve Japanese delicacies such as Japanese style omelets and sushi, or our house specialty roast beef. The restaurant offers a seasonal menu of more than 50 items, including dessert and light meal buffet with a special dessert selection.


    Italian Dining Zillion

    11:30 AM-9:30 PM

    Italian Dining Zillion offers New York influenced Italian cuisine, with a high tea dining course option. Start your meal off with our special antipasto misto, or try the seasonal al dente pasta. Feel free to ask our sommeliers about our recommended wine pairings.


    New York Lounge

    10:00 AM-10:00 PM

    An artistic lounge area equipped with high quality sofas and European inspired interior design. Guests may utilize this lounge space for business or leisure at any time of day. The New York Lounge is most recognized for its seasonal afternoon tea, as well as limited time desserts which have been supervised by our Executive Chef Patissier Junji Tokunaga.



    2:30 PM-10:00 PM

    Experience modern French American fusion cuisine at the Manhattan Dining and Champagne Bar. The restaurant includes a vast terrace which offers panoramic views of the Rainbow Bridge, Sumida River and Tokyo Skytree. The menu ranges from a la carte items to afternoon courses, prepared by accomplished Chef Taisuke Inoue.


    Hudson Lounge & Bar

    10:00 AM-12:00 AM

    The Hudson Lounge serves a wide selection of house specials, afternoon teas, and cocktails, perfect for dining at any time of day. Featuring a sophisticated bar area, snug sofa seating, and a library corner, guests can enjoy a la carte items amidst a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere. In addition, the Hudson Lounge is equipped with two private dining areas for small parties and gatherings, where guests may request for a full course dinner.

    La Provence
    Teppanyaki TAKUMI
    Chef's Live Kitchen
    Italian Dining Zillion
    New York Lounge
    Hudson Lounge & Bar
    Kamar Eksekutif atau Suite

    Kamar Klasik

    Guest Room Photo
    Kamar Klasik

    Kamar Eksekutif

    Executive Room Photo
    Kamar Eksekutif


    Suite Photo

    Kamar Klasik

    Superior Room:Standard room type in hotel (35~38sq.m)
    Bay View / River View
    All room with independent shower booth / 35~38sq.m / Twin or King size bed available
    Guest Room Photo

    Kamar Eksekutif

    Premium Room:Special room type in hotel (38 sq.m)
    Bay View / River View
    All room with independent shower booth / 38 sq.m / Twin or King size bed available / can see view from bath tub
    Executive Room Photo


    Suite Room:Concept room type in hotel (69~85.3 sq.m)
    Bay View
    Designer's Suites & Rooms, seven rooms available in four different concepts where guests can enjoy the charm of the InterContinental Tokyo Bay to its fullest extent.
    Suite Photo
    Kamar Klasik
    Kamar Eksekutif
    Hal-hal Esensial
    Temukan pelayanan untuk bisnis, kebugaran, anak-anak, dan lainnya

    Pelayanan Berbasis Biaya dan Berbantuan Staf

    • Semir Sepatu
    • Pengambilan Dry Cleaning atau Laundry Valet
    • Dry Cleaning Hari yang Sama
    • Penukaran Mata Uang Asing
    • Penerjemahan Lisan dan Tulisan
    • Housekeeping Harian

    Layanan Lainnya

    • Layanan Turndown
    • Printer
    • Layanan Fotokopi
    • Pemindai
    • Layanan Kurir
    • Lantai Eksekutif
    • Pelayanan faksimile
    • Layanan Sekretaris

    Pertemuan & Acara


    9 meeting rooms - max. 340 theatre style, 220 classroom, 250 reception, 190 banquet. Ballroom dimensions: 25m x 22m with 3.6m ceiling height. Some of the function rooms provide a panoramic view of the Tokyo Bay.