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    3:00 PM
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Cab Service at the airport available. Cost 35USD aprox . The Cab service is not related by any means with the Hotel

Jose Maria Cordova Airport (JMC)
거리 30 KM / 18.64 마일 WEST에서 호텔까지
택시 요금(편도): $35  (USD)
소요 시간(택시): 45 Mins.
기차 요금(편도):  $0  (USD)
페리 요금(편도): $0  (USD)
Just 30 minutes away from the International Airport Jose Maria Cordoba, the cab fee is 35US dollars aprox or 70.000 mil Colombian Peso aprox. Cab and Bus Service not related by any means with the hotel. IF you want a private transportation service, contact our hotel staff for arragements. Private service related with Gematours in site private transportation service for pick up at the airport