• Avenida Vitacura 2885
  • Santiago , CP7550024
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  • 프런트 데스크 +56-2-23942000
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    3:00 PM
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    12:00 PM

A hotel taxi or shuttle bus is available to take you from the airport to the InterContinental Santiago. The hotel taxi operates 24 hours a day. These cost USD 60.00 and should be booked in advance with the concierge. Otherwise guests can take an airport taxi which will cost approximately $38.00.

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez (SCL)
거리 30 KM / 18.64 마일 NORTH WEST에서 호텔까지
택시 요금(편도): $40  (USD)
기차 요금(편도):  $0  (USD)
페리 요금(편도): $0  (USD)
Drive 25 KM SouthT through Costanera Norte Oriente,then take left on exit #13 La Concepción, then take left through Costanera Andrés Bello through Presidente Riesco Avenue and turn to right on Vitacura Avenue.

역 이름: Estacion Central
거리 10.0 KM / 6.21 마일 WEST에서 호텔까지
기차역부터 택시 요금: $20  (USD)
From the Hotel: take Vitacura to the south through Av. Bernardo O'Higgins (locally known as Av. "Alameda"), then on Av. Exposicion you turn to the left.

지하철 이름: TOBALABA
거리 0.5 KM / 0.31 마일 SOUTH WEST에서 호텔까지
지하철역부터 택시 요금: $5  (USD)
From Tobalaba Station: cross Apoquindo Avenue, turn right on Encomenderos Avenue and go straight on until the street ends on Vitacura Ave. On the intersection of Vitacura Ave., turn to the right and walk 4 blocks. The hotel is located on the right.