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A hotel limousine is available to take you from Shenzhen airport to the hotel. It takes about 35 minutes and should be booked in advance with the concierge or the reservation department. The price is 500 RMB one-way from Shenzhen airport. Otherwise, guests can take a taxi which costs approximately 90 RMB from Shenzhen Airport.

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport (SZX)
거리 25 KM / 15.53 마일 NORTH WEST에서 호텔까지
택시 요금(편도): ¥100  (CNY)
소요 시간(택시): 35-40 minutes
기차 요금(편도):  ¥7  (CNY)
소요 시간(기차): 45 minutes
페리 요금(편도): ¥0  (CNY)
Drive along the main road after you leave the airport. The Fuyong checkpoint will be in front of you after 3 mins. Then you will get on the GuangShen Highway after you get though the checkpoint. Then drive along the GuangShen Highway and get though the NanTou checkpoint iin 20 minutes. Later you will get up the Nanshan Road. Drive along the Shennan Road from east to west. In 10Min you arrive.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
거리 100 KM / 62.14 마일 SOUTH에서 호텔까지
셔틀버스 요금(편도):  ¥200  (CNY)
택시 요금(편도): ¥0  (CNY)
기차 요금(편도):  ¥120  (CNY)
소요 시간(기차): 2 hours
페리 요금(편도): ¥260  (CNY)
소요 시간(페리): 30 minutes
Follow the sighns to the Shenzhen Bay border which is in the north of the new Territories. At the Shenzhen Bay border, cars with a double licens can pass and drive on the Chinese Mainland otherwise cars have to stay in HongKong. After passing, the driver has to follow the signs to Nanshan District and later the direction of Window of the World. Then our hotel is located on the right hand side.

지하철 이름: OCT Station
거리 0.0 KM / 0 마일 NORTH에서 호텔까지
지하철역부터 택시 요금: ¥0  (CNY)
OCT subway in front of InterContinental Shenzhen main entrance.