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We appreciate your loyalty. Please see IHG® Rewards Club offers available now.

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We appreciate your loyalty. Please see IHG® Rewards Club offers available now.

Make every stay count.

Last-minute holidays with family, extra time by the pool, wandering around a new city—making time for these big little moments is easier than you think. Accelerate helps you experience more of life and earn bonus points with customised offers. Sign up and stay at IHG® hotels around the world between 1 September and 31 December, and enjoy more of those memorable moments that matter most.


*For corporate travel, please book through your corporate travel channel, or for personal travel, book direct at

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Make every stay count.

About Accelerate

Complete your customised offers now and get your points. With offers designed for the way you like to travel, Accelerate helps you experience more of life. Earn bonus points, get rewards, and make every stay count more.

How does it work?

1. Book and stay at any IHG® hotel around the world from now until 31 December.
2. Earn bonus points to use for great rewards and moments that matter.

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Learn how rewarding travel can be

Travel the world and stay wherever and however you like. local boutique experiences, beach resorts or hotels perfect for business—ihg® rewards club lets you explore and earn in ways that suit your style. call, book direct online or use the ihg® app to find your best hotel and receive the best rate, guaranteed.


Live the InterContinental Life

Discover new perspectives at more than 190 destinations around the globe.


Be Sure to Pack Your Appetite

You’ll need it to take full advantage of our new hot, fresh breakfast. It’ll get you and your taste buds to Be The Readiest®.


Earn, Redeem, Enjoy

We love helping you travel better and experience more, during your trip and after it's done. Your IHG® Rewards Club benefits are among the best, and knowing them will make you instantly comfortable.