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Kota Terdekat: Chengdu

Petunjuk Arah dari Pusat Kota ke Hotel: 15.53 MI/ 25 KM Selatan

Hotel ini terletak di pinggir kota

Stasiun Kereta Api Terdekat

Chengdu East Railway Station

Kawasan Bisnis Terdekat

Xindu Industry Zone

Xindu Furniture Manufacture Park

Jinniu Hi-tech Zone

Pusat Konvensi Terdekat

30 minutes drive away

Jarak ke Hotel: 18.64 MI/ 30 KM Selatan


Poly Lafitte Golf Club : 0.62 MI/ 1 KM Selatan

Wajib Dilihat

China's world famous giant pandas roam freely at the Chengdu Panda Base. This is a popular attraction for both locals and tourists; you can even take the shuttle bus from the hotel and back. Another place of interest is the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum. With interactive exhibits relating to science, you can take a break from the real world and explore the four stories of this museum.

Wajib Dilakukan

"Chengdu is well-known for its traditional dish, hotpot. Tables in special restaurants are equipped with vats of hot spicy oil — with thin strips of meats and vegetables cooked right at the table. Our staff can direct you to the best hotpot restaurants in the city. A walk through Wide and Narrow Alley is a must-do. This popular area of the city lined with restaurants, pubs, teahouses and shops."

Ada Apa Yang Baru

Two relatively new modes of transportation are now available in Chengdu: Uber and Didi Taxi. Both allow you to book transportation through quick, easy-to-access phone apps. You can call for a private driver with Uber, while Didi Taxi also allows you to hail for a ride. Mass rapid transportation in Chengdu has also greatly improved over the years, providing even more transportation options.

Jangan Pulang Tanpa

Located on Panda Avenue just 3 miles from the hotel, Chengdu Panda Base is home to a number of endangered wildlife species, including China’s world famous giant pandas. You will marvel at the iconic giant pandas, adorable red pandas and black-necked crane, which all roam free on the base.


Take a hint from the locals, and try taking the bus or metrol when traveling through our city. Chengdu has an extensive city bus and metrol system with bus lines running to all major points throughout the city. You can avoid all the traffic and easily make your way from place to place.

Tempat Olahraga

Poly International Sports Park

Jarak ke hotel: 0.31 MI/ 0.5 KM


Wanda Cinema

Jarak ke hotel: 6.21 MI/ 10 KM Utara

Taman Hiburan

Poly Park 198

Jarak ke hotel: 0.31 MI/ 0.5 KM

Asia Music Theme Park

Jarak ke hotel: 0.31 MI/ 0.5 KM

Museum atau Galeri

Jarak ke hotel: 12.05 MI/ 19.4 KM Selatan

Perguruan Tinggi atau Universitas

Southwest Petroleum University

Jarak ke hotel: 6.84 MI/ 11 KM Timur Laut

Southwest Jiaotong University

Jarak ke hotel: 5.78 MI/ 9.3 KM Barat Daya

Kebun Binatang atau Akuarium

Chengdu Zoo

Jarak ke hotel: 4.1 MI/ 6.6 KM Barat Daya

Padang Golf

Poly Lafitte Golf Club

Jarak ke hotel: 0.62 MI/ 1 KM Selatan


Poly Park 198

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