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Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting

Esplora Shanghai

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Suggerimenti locali

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Take a short walk to Anting New Town to stroll through unique architecture mimicking a modern German village, or head to Anting Old Street to take in the historic bridges and towers. To see more of the area, take Metro Line 11 and interchange to Line 10 to Xintiandi. The downtown is a great representation of Shanghai's cultural diversity, and it features unique bars and restaurants.


The new National Exhibition Centre - Shanghai just opened, hosting some of the area's biggest conferences. This year has also seen the completion of the iconic Shanghai Tower and the annual Storm Electronic Music Festival, the first event of its kind in the city.


Hop on the Shanghai Metro at Anting Station for easy access to the city's business district, or catch the subway or lightrail from the metro area for a laid-back day of sightseeing. Leave your car at the hotel to take advantage of ample bike lanes and spacious sidewalks. If your visit falls in the summer, come prepared with umbrellas and travel plans for the season's heavy rains.

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Step just outside the hotel to enjoy the best game of golf Shanghai has to offer at the Shanghai Enhance Anting Golf Club's 18-hole course. Browse iconic vehicle classics at the nearby Shanghai Auto Museum, and don't miss the annual Shanghai Auto Expo. If you have more time to explore Shanghai, catch a concert at Mao Lifehouse, or discover aquariums, parks and museums at Pudong New Area.

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Nan Xiang is the district where xiao long bao were invented, hence it's an apt name for a place that serves what may well be the city's best. The wrappers aren't quite translucent, yet they are incredibly delicate. Perfectly steamed, too.Malu grape season is from August to October. It's all up to you to pick up fresh grapes or take grapes home!

Cose da fare

Cose da fare

Shanghai International Circuit

No. 2000 Yi Ning Road, Jiading District, Shanghai,

In common with many other new Formula One circuits, it was designed by Hermann Tilke, and also features his trademark track feature: a long back straight followed by a hairpin turn. Current-generation F1 cars can easily surpass 300 km/h (186 mph) on the long straight between corners 13 and 14. The track layout was inspired from the Chinese character shang the first character in the name of the city Shanghai, meaning "above" or "ascend". One lap lasts 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi).

Nanxiang Guyi Garden

No. 218 Huyi Highway, Jiading District, Shanghai,

Guyi Garden is a classical Chinese garden located in Nanxiang, a town in Shanghai Municipality, China. The garden is located about 21 km from the city centre. Designed in the typical style of a Jiangnan classical garden, Guyi Garden is regarded as one of the five most important classical gardens of Shanghai.

Shanghai Auto Museum

No. 7565 Boyuan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai,

China's first professional auto museum featured by the display of 70 classic automobiles and the auto history and development.