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Crowne Plaza Dalian Xinghai


Hotel is surrounded by Xinghai Square, Malan River and Lianhua Mountain There are fun things to do at Xinghai Bay Beach including Sun Asia Ocean World and Heping Shopping Mall

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Советы туристам

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Где стоит побывать

Beluga World

No. 608-6-8, Zhongshan Road,, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liao Ning 116001

Dalian Sun Asia Ocean World is located in Xinghai Park on the west side of Xinghai Square, the core tourist belt of Dalian. There are four venues of Shengya Ocean World, Shengya Polar World, Shengya Coral World, Shengya Deep Sea Legend and Whale Mall with marine animals. It is a place that integrates sightseeing, science, experience and leisure. Iconic tourism project, national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

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At your leisure, there are plenty of fun things to do at Xinghai Bay Beach, which is just 2 kilometers away by straight-line distance. Among the hotel's area attractions include Sun Asia Ocean World and Heping Shopping Mall. What's more, you can easily visit Dalian Forest Zoo, Fujiazhuang Park, Xinghai Park and Binhai Road.

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Dalian is renowned for its night scene with the acacia lamp. Lounging for the sunset and walking along Xinghai Square with all the lights on, you will find it is charming. The low-rise Goths-style architecture from the last century has been transformed into banks and theatres. However, through ups and downs of the history, they still stand there silently, embodying its own historical sense. Dalian


By straight-line distance, we are 10 kilometers from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport and 5 kilometers from Dalian Railway Station. A number of the city's main roads and elevated highways are nearby. At your leisure, there are plenty of fun things to do at Xinghai Bay Beach, which is kilometers away by straight-line distance.

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Dalian, also known as Bincheng, is a charming seaside city in North China characterized by pleasant weather, a beautiful coastline and historic European-style architecture.

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Dalian is famous for seafood.The unique location of 38° North contributes to the specially delicous and fresh taste of the seafood, especially for sea cucumber, which enjoys great prestige in the world. At the same time, Dalian is rich in nectarines, cherries, apples and so on. In the summer, visitors can also experience the fun of self-picking in the orchard.