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Crowne Plaza Dubai Marina


Dubai Marina is a prestigious and vibrant waterfront neighborhood located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is known for its stunning skyline, modern architecture, and luxury.

Советы туристам

Советы туристам

Где стоит побывать

Где стоит побывать

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa, dominates the Dubai skyline with its majestic height. Standing 828 metres tall, this majesty is hard to miss however the buildings true majesty can be better experienced up close, or even better, on the inside. For those looking to have a meal in the clouds the Atmosphere on level 122 is the place to be. For those who just want to enjoy the view however the observation deck on level 124 and the luxurious At the Top Sky Lounge on the 148th floor, would be their destinations.

Dubai Mall

Financial Center Rd, Along Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai, Dubai

Right next to the Burj Khalifa is The Dubai Mall. To call the sprawling development merely a shopping mall is doing it a disservice. Even an entire day spent here isn’t enough to see it all. With its 1,200-plus shops and 150 restaurants, there are plenty of things to do, and the venue is also home to an indoor theme park, an ice rink, a huge indoor waterfall, a choreographed outdoor fountain and the giant Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

The Dubai Fountain

Located at the base of the iconic Burj Khalifa and just outside the doors of the famous Dubai Mall, this attraction features the world’s largest choreographed fountain system. A dazzeling water show using streams as high as 150 metres in the air to combine into a magnificent dance. Each colourful, illuminated jet sways in time to the best musical numbers from around the world, producing what has become the one of the most popular shows in Dubai.

Al Qudra desert

The wonders of modern Dubai endless as they are can lead to one to thinking there is less wonder to be seen in the natural surroundings. If you find yourself thinking this less than 20 minutes driving from the modernist streets of Downtown Dubai, you can discover the marvels of the Arabian Desert. A vast, sprawling field of ferocious winds, sandy dunes and unforgettable memories.

The Palm Jumeirah

One of the icons of Dubai and for good reason, The Palm Jumeirah is a man made island in the shape of a palm tree expanding outwards from the coast of Dubai. This wonder highlights the height of human ingenuity. A monorail and complex highway system connects this island and its many attractions to the shore.

Dubai Creek

It is a creek seawater flowing between Deira and Bur Dubai in the historic centre of the Dubai and is the reason for Dubai’s very existence. When trade with the outside world began over a century ago, this protected inlet was the obvious choice to develop a commercial seaport. The creek has been widened many times during the last century and today, it’s busy with abra ferrying passengers between the souks of Deira on the north-eastern bank and the historic district of Bur Dubai.

The Walk and Beach at JBR

One of Dubai's always live locations, the JBR Beach offers endless opportunities for those who love to shop, dine and catch the latest movies whilst accompanied by guest Djs pumping out exciting tunes every weekend. All of this as well as a water part for the little ones and a regular open-air cinema the JBR really has it all.

Dubai Marina Mall

Exit 32 directly off Sheikh Zayed Road,, Dubai Marina, Dubai,

Located right next to the hotel, Dubai Marina Mall is a modern shopping and lifestyle destination for residents and visitors of the Dubai Marina community right in the heart of the marina. 143 outlets and a gross area spanning 390,000 sq ft are tiered over four levels that bring together high-street fashion brands, aspirational couture, al fresco dining before a shimmering waterfront, cinematic thrills at Reel Cinemas, and even the convenience of a supermarket.

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Со смотровыми площадками, элегантным баром и ресторанами Бурдж-Халифа возвышается на 828 метров. Лифты доставят вас на 148 уровень, откуда открывается вид на небоскребы Дубая и пустыню далеко внизу. Запланируйте поездку на вечер, чтобы увидеть захватывающее музыкальное шоу Дубайского фонтана на близлежащем озере Бурдж. Рядом с нашим отелем находится колесо обозрения Ain Dubai, с которого открывает

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Примите участие и станьте частью действия. Всегда есть чему порадоваться, ищете ли вы возможности для бизнеса, хотите ли вы направить свой творческий потенциал, погрузиться в мир вкусов или раскрыть своего внутреннего техника. Expo 2020 Dubai будет принимать гостей со всего мира в течение 182 дней, каждый из которых будет наполнен новыми впечатлениями. Это будет время для творчества, сотрудничеств


Чтобы познакомиться со старым Дубаем, отправляйтесь в исторический район Аль-Фахиди, район с отреставрированными традиционными домами из песчаника и характерными квадратными ветряными башнями. В его тенистых двориках расположены дизайнерские магазины, художественные галереи и кафе, где подают мятный чай. Многовековое наследие Дубая по добыче жемчуга прославляется экспонатами в Музее Дубая и на наб

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For adrenaline thrills and breathtaking views, book a tandem parachute jump or gyrocopter flight from Skydive Dubai, or speed over skyscrapers and super-yachts as you whizz down the XLine Dubai Marina zip line – both are within easy reach of the hotel. To witness the raw beauty of the Rub-al-Khali desert, guided 4WD safaris and dune buggy adventures depart from Sharjah's spectacular Big Red dune.

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Самый известный рынок Дубая - это лабиринт золотого базара в Дейре, где в сотнях витрин сверкают драгоценные камни. Цены приемлемые, качество высокое, возможен торг. При покупке ароматов или шафрана на соседних рынках специй и парфюмерии принимают только наличные. Чтобы подобрать вышитые шали или сари, возьмите водное такси абра через Дубай-Крик до текстильного рынка.