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Ciudad más cercana: Guangzhou

Distancia del hotel: 6.21 MI/ 10 KM KILOMETERS

Este hotel está en el centro de la ciudad

Atracciones cercanas

Florentia Village
Dafu Mountain Forest Park
Baomo Garden
The Ancestral Temple
The World of Flowers

Estación de tren más cercana

Gaungzhou South Railway Station

Centro de convenciones cercano

Guangzhou Pazhou Exhibition Center

Distancia al hotel: 9.32 MI/ 15 KM Noreste

Estación de metro más cercana

Guangzhou South Railway Station


佛山君兰高尔夫俱乐部 Royal Orchid Golf Club : 5.28 MI/ 8.5 KM Sur

Tenis al aire libre: 8.2 MI/ 13.2 KM

Visita obligada

Situated in the centre of Foshan, 18 km from our hotel, Foshan Ancestral Temple is the oldest temple in town. The elaborate décor in the temple and the Cantonese opera presented by local residents are not to be missed by arts and culture enthusiasts.

Actividad imprescindible

Foshan tracing the ancestral roots of well-known Kungfu masters Wong Fei Hung and a celebrated movie star Bruce Lee, practicing simple fists and kicks of Wing Chun martial art.


The Ceramic Festival was held on October at Foshan, where people can experience the making of ceramic, appreciate the most traditional ceramic arts. This festival has become one of the most important culture events organized in yearly basis.

No se vaya a casa sin

Foshan is the "hometown of delicacies" in the Pearl River Delta. Bring home some local famous snacks like Foshan Manggong Cake, Pot-stewed Trotter, Daliang Pheasant roll, Nanhai Living Fish, Dafu cake, Jiujiang Fried Biscuit & Sanshui Gouzi Duck.


Located in the mid-south of Guangdong Province, the mild climate, adequate rainfall, and evergreen seasons have made Foshan a renowned place of abundance ever since. It has humid subtropical monsoon climate with an average annual temperature of 23.2.

Instalaciones deportivas

佛山世纪莲体育中心 Foshan Sport Center

Distancia del hotel: 8.57 MI/ 13.8 KM Suroeste


南海万达广场电影院 Nanhai Wanda Movie Theater

Distancia del hotel: 6.21 MI/ 10 KM Noroeste

Parque de atracciones

广州番禺长隆欢乐世界 Chimelong Paradise

Distancia del hotel: 4.97 MI/ 8 KM Sudeste

Museo o galería

Distance to hotel: 10.56 MI/ 17 KM Noroeste

Excursión turística

Distance to hotel: 0.06 MI/ 0.1 KM Oeste

Recinto ferial

Chimelong Paradise

Distancia al hotel: 4.97 MI/ 8 KM Sudeste

Instituto o universidad

佛山科学技术学院 Foshan University

Distancia del hotel: 9.13 MI/ 14.7 KM Oeste

Zoológico o acuario

广州长隆野生动物园Guangzhou Chimelong Safari Park

Distancia del hotel: 4.97 MI/ 8 KM Sudeste

Campo de golf

佛山君兰高尔夫俱乐部 Royal Orchid Golf Club

Distancia al hotel: 5.28 MI/ 8.5 KM Sur


文翰湖公园 Wenhan Lake Park

Distancia del hotel: 0.06 MI/ 0.1 KM Noroeste


佛山图书馆 Foshan Library

Distancia del hotel: 8.08 MI/ 13 KM Noroeste


佛山市赉恩堂 Foshan Laien Church

Distancia al hotel: 8.08 MI/ 13 KM Noroeste

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