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Crowne Plaza Hangzhou HEDA

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Sugerencias locales

Sugerencias locales


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The wise find pleasure in water; the virtuous find pleasure in hills. Hangzhou, because of West Lake, attracts the literati of the ages. After the West Lake, Jinsha lake as Hangzhou's largest artificial lake-Hangzhou East "City Eye", and will again arouse the attention of the world.

Cosas que hacer

Cosas que hacer

Xiasha Higher Education Park

杭州市钱塘区学林街与文泽路交叉路口, 杭州, 浙江 310018

Xiasha Higher Education Park

West Lake

No. 25th Hubin Road, West L. District, hangzhou, Zhejiang Province 310013

West Lake The famous West Lake is like a brilliant pearl embedded in the beautiful and fertile shores of the East China Sea near the mouth of the Hangzhou Bay. The lake covers an area of 6.5 square kilometers. The view of the West Lake is simply enchanting, which offers many attractions for tourists at home and abroad.

Lingyin Temple

No.523 Jinsha Avenue, HEDA,, Hangzhou, HANGZHOU, Zhejiang 310018

Lingyin Temple is a famous historical site of the West Lake, in front of which there are Feilai Peak, Cold Spring, Longhong Cave and precious rock cave arts and queer and varied natural caves and gullies.You will find Temple of Soul’s Retreat (Lingyin Temple) in a long, narrow valley between Peak Flown From Afar (Fei Lai Feng) and North Peak to the northwest of the West Lake at Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province. It is without doubt a premier showpiece in the West Lake environs .


龙井茶, 是来自杭州的一种烤制而成的绿茶,它是生产主要由手工完成,一直以其高品质,赢得了中国名茶称号。 龙井村是杭州最真实和最早产生龙井茶的地方,你可以看到真正的茶田,并在茶农家中品尝到龙井茶带来的清香与惬意。

Xixi National Wetland Park

Xixi National Wetland Park is the first and only national wetland park in China, located at the west part of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, a total of 1,150 hectares (2,800 acres). The park is densely crisscrossed with six main watercourses, among which scatter various ponds, lakes and swamps. Xixi Wetland has a history of more than 1,800 years and an abundant cultural heritage. It’s the original site of Chinese South Opera; it has a traditional Dragon Boat Contest; it contains the vivid life of