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Holiday Inn Dalian Hot Spring

A-1, Jinshi Hot Sping Resort, Jinshitan




Mainland China 

Registro de entrada: 3p. m.

Registro de salida: 12p. m.

Edad de entrada:16


Dalian Hot Spring A-1, Jinshi Hot Sping Resort, Jinshitan

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Lugares destacados de la ubicación
Centro de la ciudad
Nombre de la ciudad:
Cómo llegar del centro de la ciudad al hotel:
Distancia del hotel:
27.96 MI/ 45 KM
Centro de convenciones más cercano:
Jinshi international convention center
Distancia del hotel:
2.05 MI/ 3.3 KM Sur
3.42 MI/ 5.5 KM Suroeste


  • Museum of the Mysteries of Life
Visita obligada

Visita obligada

Dalian Ten Miles of Gold Coast about 527m (straight-line distance) Jinshitan Wedding Square about 2.7km (straight-line distance) Golden Pebble Beach Golf Club about 5.6km (straight-line distance) Dalian Jinshi Wax Image Hall about 1.8km (straight-line distance) Dalian National Coast Geopark about 4.9km (straight-line distance)
Actividad imprescindible

Actividad imprescindible

We are a hot spring hotel featuring marine therapy. Our spa area boasts 67 indoor and outdoor hot spring pools. Here, you'll enjoy swimming pools, children's paddling pool and stone-themed pool areas. The hot spring water originates from 2,400 meters deep underground and combines more than 30 minerals and microelements that are good for your health.
No se vaya a casa sin

No se vaya a casa sin

Jinshitan is located on the coast of the yellow sea in the liaodong peninsula.With the reputation of "northeast little south of the Yangtze river", the unique climatic conditions and gorgeous beach style attract numerous tourists.To the golden stone beach, not to miss the experience is to view the sea, appreciate the stone, seafood, hot spring!


As the hotel is located in the gold coast, the temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large, it is necessary to appropriately add clothes.There is a little distance between scenic spots, suggest to go by bus. Please wear a swimsuit and swimming cap when bathing in hot spring.