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Holiday Inn Express Tianjin Heping

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Haihe River Scenic Line is one of the most beautiful scenery in Tianjin. The dazzling night scenery attracts many visitors. From the Tientsin Eye, you can take cruise ship and experience the unique beauty.

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"Tianjin is known as the Universal Museum of Architecture. The hotel can walk 300 meters to visit the former residence of the last emperor Puyi [Jingyuan], Binjiang Road, the Museum of Porcelain House and the Xikai Church."

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"You must try three special foods in Tianjin: ""Goubuli"" steamed buns, Ear-Hole Fried Cake, 18th Streets Serratula. Tianjin is the birthplace of Crosstalk, known as ""Gendu"". Listen to Tianjin Crosstalk is perfect for trip."

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"Please contact the hotel front desk at 0086-22-58632999. During your stay, you can contact us by calling 0 from the indoor telephone. If convenient, please leave your telephone number so that you needn't face troubles alone."

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