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Holiday Inn Express Yangzhou City Center

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Specialised local products in Yangzhou include Stuffed Animal Toys, Lacquer, Paper-Cuts, Jade Articles, Embroidery, Art & Crafts, Pot Gardening.

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Thin West Lake: If you come to Yangzhou in spring, you must visit thin West Lake. Garden: the garden is full of green bamboo He Yuan: He Yuan is reputed as "the first Garden in the late Qing Dynasty" Daming Temple: located at the northwest corner of Slender West Lake in Yangzhou, On the middle peak of Shugang. Dongguan Street: Located in the center of Yangzhou

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Slender Western Lake was named after West Lake in Hangzhou since its long and narrow stretch is very like a slender, gentle girl. It is a well-known scenic water body that meanders through Yangzhou’s western limits, resembling a letter “L”, The sightseeing area covers about 100 hectares and includes Yumatou, West Garden, Zhichun Garden, Ye Garden, 24-bridge scenic area,etc.

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Yangzhou is a great place to travel by high-speed rail. Yangzhou's high-speed railway station (also known as Yangzhou East Station), located on Fireworks March Road, connects major cities in China. For those who travel by train, yangzhou Railway Station (also known as Yangzhou Station) is located on Wenchang West Road.

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