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À faire à proximité du Holiday Inn Express Wenchang

Hotel is close to Qishui Bay, Wenchang Nanyang Beauty Center and close to attractions such as Tongguling Scenic Spot, Moon Bay, and Stone Park.


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Wenchang chicken, the top of the four famous Hainan dishes,is a special local product of Wenchang City, is world-renowned for its delicious taste and fine, smooth meat quality; Hainan rice noodles,this is a classic local gourmet. It is made with ingredients such as rice noodles, sliced meat and sprouts. With its rich soup and delicious flavor, it is one of the must-have products in Wenchang City.

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Wenchang Aerospace Science Center is a comprehensive themed exhibition hall exhibiting the development history and achievements of China's space industry. It is divided into several small exhibition halls, including Jiutian Hall, Chongtian Hall, and Wentian Hall, which vividly exhibit the deeds and contributions of important scientists.

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Tongguling Scenic Spot is the easternmost coastal mountain range in Hainan Island, with a good reputation of the "first peak in Qiongdong". The scenic area has many attractions, such as the Fubo Ancient Rd, Xiangu Temple, and Feilai Buddha, as well as natural spectacles, such as Moon Bay, Fengdong Stone, and Crocodile Mouth. You can also admire the spectacular views of the rocket launching site.

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Attractions à proximité

  • Hainan Tongguling Scenic Spot
  • Wenchang Aerospace Science Center
  • Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site
  • Stone Park
  • Foguang Temple
  • Chunguang Coconut Kingdom
  • Wenchang Confucius Temple
  • Qishui Bay
  • Wenchang Nanyang Beauty Center

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