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InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise


Intercontinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise

InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise hotel nested in primeval forest and covered by trees and mountains, is a luxury resort that integrates the nature and local national features. The resort has 1020 guestrooms and offers six different restaurants. A size of 10000 sqm entertainment centre and other theme venues offers a series of activities for adults and children. We offers 7000 sqm convention centre and spacious outdoor venues for holding various meeting. It is turely A Pradise To Visit.

Tentang Renovasi Kami
waktu lokal
CHECK-IN: 2PM (Tersedia check-in dini) CHECK-IN: 2PM (Tersedia check-in dini) CHECK-IN: 2PM (Tersedia check-in dini)
CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat) CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat) CHECK-OUT: 12PM (Tersedia check-out lebih lambat)
FRONT DESK : +86-0837-7789999

Bahasa yang Digunakan oleh Staf

  • Bahasa Tionghoa
  • Bahasa Inggris
  • Bahasa Jepang
  • Mata Uang



    • Hewan Pembantu Dapat Dibawa Masuk
    • 5 wheel chair accessible guest rooms on the first floor of building No.7 with full range of designated bathroom facilities and assistance room appliances for handicapped guest. There are seamless wheel chair passages from the designated parking area at the hotel main entrance through the lobby and corridor to the guest rooms.
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Kamar Tamu
      • Kloset yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Furnitur bisa ditata ulang untuk memperluas ruang
      • Kamar & Rute yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Sistem Darurat Kabel/Tombol Kamar Mandi
      • Sistem Darurat Kabel/Tombol Kamar Tidur
      • Batang Pegangan/Ruang Manuver yang Cukup/Toilet Tinggi
      • Ruang Berputar yang Cukup
      • Perpipaan Berbantalan/Ruang Bebas Di Bawah Meja Rias
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Elevator
      • Akses Elevator Semua Lantai
      • Elevator yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Area Publik
      • Toilet Umum: Bilik yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Pintu Masuk Hotel yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Kursi Roda Tersedia
      • Toilet Publik yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda
      • Tempat Duduk Kursi Roda Restoran
      • Fasilitas Umum yang Dapat Diakses Difabel
    • Perincian Aksesibilitas Parkir
      • Jalan Datar Antara Parkir dan Pintu Masuk
      • Tempat Parkir Difabel dengan Rambu
      • Parkir Difabel/ Dapat Diakses
      • Parkir yang Dapat Diakses Kursi Roda/50 Tempat

    kebijakan hewan peliharaan

    • No pets allowed


      Kamar Standar, Suite, Pusat Bisnis dan Area Publik


    • JiuZhai Huanglong Airport (JZH)
    • Perkiraan Ongkos Taksi: # {estimateChargeByTaxi}


    • Parkir mobil tersedia
    • Ruang Parkir/120 Tempat
    • Parking at owner's risk.


    Selamat Datang di Jiuzhaigou

    Mr. John Yang
    Chief Concierge

    Selina is a very helpful and knowledgeable hotelier, to be a great partner people trusted.


    Bersantap di Jiuzhaigou


    Nongra Café

    6:30 AM-10:00 AM
    6:00 PM-9:30 PM

    Nongra Café is All Day Dining cafe offering international breakfast and dinner buffet with various dishes from authentic western food, delicious desserts, to traditional local flavors. As its breathtaking views of surrounding mountains, Nongra cafe is a perfect place for casual dining with friends and families.

    Zang & Qiang Bar

    Shunxing Chinese Restaurant

    11:30 AM-2:30 PM
    5:30 PM-10:00 PM

    Shunxing Chinese Restaurant provides Sichuan cuisine in a creative way by skillfully integrating local specialty into special dishes, from which you could literally taste the miracle of the combination.

    Zang & Qiang Bar

    Shunxing Hotpot Restaurant

    5:30 PM-10:00 PM

    Shunxing Hotpot Restaurant offers authentic Sichuan hotpot. Dipping a wide selection of fresh meat and vegetables into boiling numb and spices soup or non spices soup, you could experience the traditional culture of Sichuan meanwhile keep you warm.

    Zang & Qiang Bar

    Zang Bar and Qiang Bar

    6:00 PM-11:00 PM

    Zang Bar and Qiang Bar located in the middle of the Ecology Lobby is an ideal venue either for personal relaxing or gathering with its finest environment. It offers a wide selection of drinks and sumptuous assortment of traditional local favorites along with classic Zang and Qiang performance every evening.

    Zang & Qiang Bar

    Zang & Qiang Bar

    9:00 AM-1:00 AM

    Zang & Qiang Bar is a stylish lobby lounge overlooking the picturesque mountains that envelop the property. Each evening, chefs showcase a sumptuous assortment of traditional local favourites accompanied by a wide selection of drinks.

    Zang & Qiang Bar

    The Club InterContinental Lounge

    6:30 AM-7:00 PM

    The Club InterContinental Lounge is for the exclusive use of guests staying in our Club InterContinental Rooms and Suites. Offering the highest levels of comfort and convenience with its resort-within-a-resort concept, the Club provides the ultimate in personal service and care with exclusive registration and checkout in the private lounge, meeting room, four workstations with high-speed Internet access, a mini-library and secretarial support.

    Zang & Qiang Bar
    Nongra Café
    Shunxing Chinese Restaurant
    Shunxing Hotpot Restaurant
    Zang Bar and Qiang Bar
    Zang & Qiang Bar
    The Club InterContinental Lounge
    Kamar Eksekutif atau Suite?

    Kamar Klasik

    Guest Room Photo
    Kamar Klasik

    Kamar Eksekutif

    Executive Room Photo
    Kamar Eksekutif


    Suite Photo

    Kamar Klasik

    Distance yourself from worldly concerns as you bask in a lush, breezy paradise of Jiuzhaigou, where majestic mountains share the landscape. The hotel has 1,020 generously proportioned guestrooms, suites, Club InterContinental rooms and the grand Presidential Suite.
    Guest Room Photo

    Kamar Eksekutif

    Club InterContinental offer business or leisure travellers the highest levels of comfort and convenience. The resort-within-a-resort concept offering the discerning travellers the ultimate in personal service and care.
    Located on the higher floor of the building, InterContinental Club room is decorated with destinguished Zang & Qiang style, enjoying the best view and the exclusive privilege of free spa coupons up to two each room night.
    Executive Room Photo


    The finest hand-crafted Tibetan & Qiang furnishing are appointed in all guest rooms while maximizing on comfort and look out to the glory of tranquility views. Private balconies or terrace add to the exclusive atmosphere.
    Suite Photo
    Kamar Klasik
    Kamar Eksekutif
    Hal-hal Esensial
    Temukan pelayanan untuk bisnis, kebugaran, anak-anak, dan lainnya

    Pelayanan Berbasis Biaya dan Berbantuan Staf

    • Penukaran Mata Uang Asing
    • Penerjemahan Lisan dan Tulisan
    • Housekeeping Harian

    Layanan Lainnya

    • Pusat Bisnis
    • Pusat Bisnis Dengan Staf
    • Jam Kerja Pusat Bisnis Berlayanan Staf antara 8:00 AMdan 11:00 PM
    • Printer
    • Layanan Fotokopi
    • Pemindai
    • Pasokan Kantor Tersedia
    • Email dan Internet
    • Lantai Eksekutif
    • Pelayanan faksimile
    • Lantai Klub Eksekutif
    • PC tersedia di Pusat Bisnis
    • Layanan Sekretaris

    Pertemuan & Acara


    The InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise has 15 multi-purposes meeting spaces with over 7,000sqm - making us the largest resort convention center in Aba State of Sichuan Province.