Sancha Lake
  • 9 Xinhu Street
  • Jianyang , 641418
  • China,República Popular
  • Recepción +86-28-85382050

    2:00 PM

    12:00 PM

Head for south direction along Airport Rd; Enter G4201 Highway and move on; Enter the G5 Beijing-Kunming ring highway; Exit from Shuangliu exit and continue on 213 National Rd all the way to Xinmin Village.

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU)
Distancia 60 KM / 37.28 MI NORTH al hotel
Servicio de taxi (sólo ida): ¥350.00  (CNY)
Tarifa de transporte desde la estación de tren:  ¥0.00  (CNY)
Tarifa de ferry (solamente de ida): ¥0.00  (CNY)
Go on Airport Highway, turn right to Chengdu Ring Expy till you see toll station sign of Tianfu Exit. Go off the highway, turn right onto Century City Blvd, drive along and turn left to Tianfu Ave. at the crossing, head south. Turn left at the intersection with Lushan Ave., then turn right at the cross of Xiangxun Ave. Go ahead and enter Shuangjian Expy, keep driving until you follow hotel signs.

Nombre : Chengdu Railway Station
Distancia 92.3 KM / 57.35 MI NORTH WEST al hotel
Costo de taxi desde la estación del tren: ¥0.00  (CNY)
Start Chengdu North Railway Station and drive south along North Remin Road, Middle Renmin Road, and South Renmin Road to Tianfu Avenue. Turn left at the intersection with Lushan Avenue, and then right at the intersection of Xiangxun Avenue. Go ahead to enter the Shuangjian Express Way, and keep driving until you can follow hotel signs to arrive at the hotel.