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Città più vicina: Muscat

Indicazioni stradali dal centro città all'hotel: 10.13 MI/ 16.3 KM Sud Ovest

Questo hotel si trova in centro

Attrazioni nelle vicinanze

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Nearby Businesses

Knowledge Oasis Muscat

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

Nearby Convention Center

Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre

Distanza fino all'hotel: 0.5 MI/ 0.8 KM Sud Est


Muscat Golf And Country Club : 3.36 MI/ 5.4 KM Sud Est

Da vedere

Grand Mosque is one of the main attractions of Muscat and is only 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel. This glorious piece of modern Islamic architecture is a gift to the nation from Sultan Qaboos to mark his 30th year of reign. The main prayer hall is breathtakingly rich. The Persian carpet alone measures 70m by 60m wide, making it the second-largest hand-loomed Iranian carpet in the world.

Da non perdere

Muscat City lies in midst of dry mountains, lulled by the Arabian Sea. A visit to the Grand Mosque, Mattrah Souq, Fish market and National museum is a must. Trip to Badar Al Khiran, Wadi Shab, Wahiba Sands and going for dolphin watching and snorkeling or diving is something you don’t want to miss while you are in beautiful city.


One of the most anticipated projects in the country, Mall of Muscat, is already open. The key highlight of this ambitious project is the Oman Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the Middle East. It contains 3 million liters of water, 50+ exhibits, a walk-through tunnel and over 30,000 animals. It is located within 15 minutes' drive from the hotel.

Non tornare a casa senza

You do not want to miss out on the Omani Halwa and Shuwa if you love to try local cuisine. Frankincense, Pottery incense burner, Amouage perfume and the Khanjar are something you can take home as gift or souvenir.


Hotel is adjacent to the Oman Convention and Exhibition Center, the biggest convention and meeting facility in Oman. Grand Mosque, one of sultanate’s best tourist attractions is within 10 minutes’ drive from the hotel and It takes only 5 minutes to reach Muscat International Airport and Business hubs such as Ghala, Rusayl, Seeb, Knowledge oasis and Mwailah.

Sports Venue

Oman Automobile Assoc Karting Track

Distanza fino all'hotel: 0.62 MI/ 1 KM

Movie Theater

VOX Cinema City Centre Al Seeb

Distanza fino all'hotel: 4.97 MI/ 8 KM Ovest

Spazio fiere

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre

Distanza fino all'hotel: 0.5 MI/ 0.8 KM Sud Est

Campo da golf

Muscat Golf And Country Club

Distanza fino all'hotel: 3.36 MI/ 5.4 KM Sud Est


Qurum Park

Distanza fino all'hotel: 12.43 MI/ 20 KM Nord Est


Ghala Church

Distanza fino all'hotel: 6.09 MI/ 9.8 KM East


Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Distanza fino all'hotel: 6.84 MI/ 11 KM Nord Est

Children's Activities

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