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Holiday Inn Mannheim City - Hauptbahnhof

Glücksteinallee 1





Заезд: 3PM

Выезд: 12PM

Минимальный возраст самостоятельных гостей: 18


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Деловой центр
Название города:
Схема проезда из центра города в отель:
на юго-восток
Расстояние от отеля:
2.49 MI/ 4 KM
Ближайший конференц-центр:
Congress Center Rosengarten
Расстояние от отеля:
2.49 MI/ 4 KM North
2.17 MI/ 3.5 KM на юг
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Mannheim Water Tower is probably one of the famous landmarks of the city with the multicolor jets of water from the fountain making up the foreground. Nestled in the landscaped gardens of Freidrichspaltz, this grandeur fountain with its artistic architecture was built between 1886-1889. Walk down the stairs from the base of the fountain and you will end up seeing one of the most beautiful gardens.
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The Reiss- Engelhorn-Museum is known for its 18th century artefacts, antiques and sacred art pieces. History seeping from its walls, the museum is a favourite tourist attraction and is sure to keep you engaged with its beautiful historically significant displays, items and stories. The museum covers an entire span of German history including its culture, art and politics- a true gem in its own rig
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Mannheim Palace is one of the largest palaces in Europe and also one of the most well-conserved ones. The lavish interior of this baroque palace is a specimen of architectural genius. The ornate ceremonial staircase and the Rittersaal (knights’ hall) amaze every single time. A guided tour of the palace gives visitors the chance to feast their eyes on almost 800 exhibits.


The Dreh Restaurant is a one of a kind restaurant and skyline view in Germany. A lift takes you to a height of almost 200 metres to offer a breathtaking view. The tower also has a restaurant known for its splendid ambience and good food. Highlights include: Revolving Tower - a beautiful added asset to the restaurant and observing deck.