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InterContinental Taif

Concierge head shot
Jayakumar Kothandan
Chief Concierge

I am Jayakumar and I have the privilege of being Chief Concierge of the InterContinental Taif. I am honored to welcome you to our hotel and I look forward to meeting you in person and creating a wonderful experience for you in Taif.

Le saviez-vous ?
  • Attar Rose

    This is the home of the deep blood red 'Attar' rose; famous since Biblical times. Still valued today for its exquisite perfume .

  • Fruits

    Fruit of Taif such as pomegranates, grapes peaches, pear, figs and honey are said to be the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. rose of city

  • Summer Resorts Capital

    Taif is known as the Summer Capital. Although the Saudi Government is based in Riyadh they move to Taif 1700 - 2500 metres above sea level to escape the heat every summer..

  • Taif City

    Amiable Taif is part of the Arabian Peninsula's ancient and modern history, playing a prominent role before and after Islam. Taif has long been known for its fresh air, fertile soil, fruits and honey highly appreciated when given as gifts. It contains archeological monuments dating back to more then 2000 years, recording some glimpses of Arab history. Taif has for a long time been a summer resort for nearby cities. From a resort for the inhabitants of Makkah, it has developed into the main resort city in the Arabian peninsula, attracting tens of thousands of visitors from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally as well. We hope that all visitors will enjoy their trip to Taif.

  • The First Airport and Plane.

    The first airport in the Kingdom was built in Taif. The first plane landed at Dhakota, near the Shobra Palace in Taif City. This plane was a gift from Mr. Roosevelt, the American president to King Abdul Aziz.

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