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InterContinental Hangzhou

Concierge head shot
Aaron Pan
Chief Concierge

This is InterContinental Concierge Team of InterContinental Hangzhou.We look forward to welcoming you. It is our job to help you experience the very best of your time here, so you leave with wonderful memories! Please stop by Concierge desk during your stay.

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Hari yang Tepat


Firstly, I suggest you to start a dynamic and agreeable day by wandering the city balcony by the bank of Qiantang River. You can really feel the vitality of the new Qian Jiang town in Hangzhou here.The next place is Hefang Street and the Southern Song Imperial Street. You can experience the intense breath of Song dynasty in every second. Meanwhile here is a shopping paradise.Gaoyin Street is only one street away from Hefang Street, which is a well-known food street in Hangzhou.


In the afternoon, I suggest you to start your West Lake trip form Nan Shan Road. Southern link of West Lake has being the artistic place of Hangzhou, and the celebrated China Academy of Arts is located here.You can feel a breath mixed with art and luxury more clearly together with those various cafés, bars, galleries, and Car 4S shops scattering everywhere. You can visit many scenic spots that have deep historical backgrounds when you wandering by the bank of West Lake.


After you finish the dinner in Lou Wai Lou restaurant, I would like you to watch‘The West Lake Impression show’.And then, let’s enjoy Hangzhou’s night life, and explore the exotic side of the gentle city which is hidden in the moonlight. You also can choose to experience the charming of Qianjiang new town- watch lighting show and musical fountain at 6:30pm and 7:30pm on every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.

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  • Qiantang River Tidal Bore

    As a world wonder, Qiantang River Tidal Bore is famous for its spectacle. It has been the tradition for people living by the mouth of the Qiantang River to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival by eating mooncakes and watching the tide. The nearest location for watching from our hotel is the City Balcony.

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