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Drum Mountain / Gu Shan

No1, Nanhou street, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian 350005

Drum Moutain / Gu Shan locates on the northern banks of the Min River and spread over 48 sq km area. On the top of the hill there are several natural rock formations that resemble a drum. Celebrities and writers have been visiting this location for centuries and have been writing inscriptions as well as poems on the rocks. There are over 20 tourist spots on the hill's eastern side, dozens in the west, 45 in north and 50 in south.

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys

No1, Nanhou street, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian 350005

Three Lanes and Seven Alleys locates in downtown Fuzhou city where is a well preserved historical spots where you can experience the beauty of Qing and Ming Dyansty also to feel the history by walking lanes by lanes, alleys by alleys. Also there are shops for you to enjoy authentic Fuzhou snacks, local art pieces.

Yantai Mountain

No.14 Meiwu Road, Taijiang District, Fuzhou, Fujian 350005

Yantai Mountain sits in the Cangshan District. It’s a good place to take a look into the history and the most authentic life style of the local citizen in Fuzhou. Walking through the mountain, you can see kinds of decorations telling you that it’s a gathering place of various well-known historical sites in Fuzhou.

West Lake

NO 70, Hubin Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian 35005

The West Lake is the most complete classical garden remained in Fuzhou, which has a history of 1700 years. And it is called the jewel of Fuzhou's garden. The west lake was very beautiful, and the atmosphere there is very harmoniou s.

Shangxia Hang

Shangxia Hang historical and cultural district was once an important birthplace of Fuzhou’s "Fujian Merchants Culture" and "Fujian Marine Culture". After restoration and transformation, it has not only become a new business card for Fuzhou tourism, but also a new landmark of night tourism economy. "Culture" is the positioning, which echoes the "literati culture" ofShangxia Hang. Shangxia Hang Historical and Cultural District is located in Taijiang District of Fuzhou City, next to the north

No.108 Guangda Road, Taijiang District Fuzhou 350005 Mainland China

Telefono: +86 591 86128888