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InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise

Mr. John Yang
Chief Concierge

Warm greeting from InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise! I am Dennis, Front Office Manager. Our aim is to help you to experience the new things and local custom which can enrich your life and bring something back to share with someone you do care and love.

Где стоит побывать
Идеальный день


Good morning, everyone! Have an Hour: Breakfast in Nongra Cafe! 9:00 Let's move to Jiuzhaigou National Park! Jiuzhaigou area covers three valley including Nuorilang, Chawa and Rize, where located 114 alpine lakes, 17 waterfalls and numerous landscapes of calcified Karst landforms, and live a large variety of rare wild animals and plants. The dreamland is attracting more and more people from every corner of the world, with its amazing natural beauty, fascinating human culture and civilization, and good service for tourists from both home and abroad.You can tour the whole area by hiking or by tourist car. Attractions in the area are located primarily in valleys Shuzheng, Rize and Zechawa,which have a shape "Y". 9:30 Main Entrance Book the tickets;leave for the Rize . The Riza is from "Nuorilang" to "Primitive Forests".Arrived at "Primitive Forests " then "Fragrant Grass Lake"; "Swan Lake"; "Arrow Bamboo Lake"; "Panda Lake"; "Panda Lake Waterfall"; "Sparkle Lake"; "Gold Bell Lake"; "Pearl Shoal Waterfall" and "Mirror Lake". 12:30 Lunch in "Nuorilang Buffet Resturant"


13:00 Leave for "Zechawa" form "Nuorilang Buffet Restaurant" . The "Zechawa" is from "Nuorilang" to "Long Lake". Arrived at "Long Lake" then "Goddess Lake"; and arrived at "Coloured Pool"; then "Nuorilang". 14:30 Leave for "Shuzheng" from "Nuorilang" . Arrived at "Nuorilang" then "Nuorilang Water Fall"; "Rhino Lake"; "Tiger Lake"; "Shuzheng Waterfall"; "Shuzheng Lakes"; "Crouching Dragon Lake"; "Sparkel Lakes"; "Twin Dragon Lake"; "Reed Lake" and "Onsai Shoal". 16:30 Back to the Main Entrance . 17:00 Leave for Bianbian Street! There are so many local handicraft and souvenir daily commodity ! 18:00 Back to the hotel.


18:30 Arrived at hotel and take a rest. 18:45 Dinner in Zang and Qiang Bar to enjoy the Wild Mushroom Port.The pure nutrition food contains various vitamins and proteins. Including morchella, tricholoma matsutake – king of the edible fungi cooking with tall gastrodia tuber, fritillary, Chinese angelica and etc. 19:45 Leave for "Dreamland Journey" Show in our Jiuzhai Paradise Grand Theatre which located in Jarpo ancient town about 10 minutes driving. The show talked about a very romantic love story and the history of Jiuzhai Paradise. 21:30 Back to the hotel,dancing with the actor or actress in Guozhuang square. 22:30 Good night!