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InterContinental Shenzhen

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Shane Wang
Chief Concierge

It is a pleasure to welcome you to InterContinental Shenzhen. Our Concierge team are delighted to have you with us and we are rewarded each time you enjoy an authentic experience to share with family and friends back home.

Cosas que hacer
El día perfecto


In the morning, you may take a taxi to the Lotus Mountain Park in the center of Shenzhen. 20 minutes is enough to reach the top on foot. The main peak of the Park has a 4000 m² square, which is the highest outdoor square in Shenzhen. At the center of the hilltop square there is a statue of Deng Xiaoping, the Chief Designer of “Reform and Opening of China”. From there, you may watch the panoramic view of the whole CBD area and feel the pulse of rapid development in Shenzhen.


Walk for 5 minutes to reach the Splendid China Folk Culture Village, a must-play theme park in Shenzhen. It is the epitome of China’s 5,000 years of history and culture, and 9.6 million square kilometers of splendid mountains and rivers. It is also the world’s largest real-world miniature scenic area. We recommend that you watch the Horse War Show "Legend of the Desert" starting at three o'clock every day and the large-scale folk costume dance "New Oriental Ni Shang" starting at five o'clock. The Folk Culture Village also regularly hosts large-scale festivals, such as the Grand Temple Fair, the Summer Songkran Festival, and the Halloween Howl Party.


At dinner time, you can take a taxi to Shekou Sea World. "Minghua Ferry" is moored here. It once was a French luxury cruise named ANCEEVILLA. Former Chinese Leader Deng Xiaoping had stayed here while visiting Shekou and wrote the words "Sea World" for the ship. You can visit, dine and buy souvenirs on board. Get off the ship and have a stroll around the music fountain. Next to the fountain are many signature restaurants and bars. Choose one you like and enjoy the great atmosphere while dining. Have a wonderful night.

¿Sabía que...?
  • Origin of the festival of Lanterns - Yuan Xiao Fes

    The legend says, a long time ago during the Han Wu Di Dynasty (160 BC), there was a maid of honor called Yuan Xiao (Lantern), who could not go home for the New Year because she had to serve the emperor. She felt very miserable because she could not see her old parents, so she wanted to end her life by jumping into a water hole. But a wise man (called Dong Fang Shuo) stopped her and told her he will talk to the emperor and try to convince him to let her go home for the festival. The wise man made up a story saying that the god of fire received an order from the Jade emperor (God of Gods), to come to earth on Jan 16th and destroy Chang An city (Capital of the Han Wu Di Dynasty). The emperor Han Wu Di asked the wise man for advice, he told the emperor the god of fire likes to eat the glutinous rice ball, so he should eat it as well, also they should hang red lanterns in the houses, trees, streets, everywhere, and light fireworks and firecrackers during Jan 15th evening (the day before the god of fire will come), so that when the Jade emperor looks down to earth he can see red color and fire everywhere and think the capital of the Han Dynasty is being destroyed . The idea was to fool the emperor so he will go outside to seek shelter during the night, and Yuan Xiao (the maid of honor) could go home to reunite with her old parents for this special day.

  • Special Economic Zone

    The late Chinese Premier, Chairman Deng Xiaoping, awarded Shenzhen the country's first Special Economic Zone status because of our strategic proximity to Hong Kong. This presented businesses with the opportunity to trade with foreign companies. Chinese migrants from all over the land flocked to prosper here.

  • The Myth of Mid-Autumn Festival

    The story says, a long time ago, ten suns appeared on earth and they were killing all the living creatures. A man named Hou yi, who was the best archer on earth, shot down nine suns and saved the earth. The Queen of the Jade emperor (God of the gods) gave him a pill that granted eternal life as a reward to shooting down the suns. Hou yi was deeply in love with a beautiful woman called Chang'e, because he received just one pill and couldn't share it with his wife Chang'e, he told her to hide the pill in a safe place in the house. But one day a bad man called Peng Meng went to the house to steal the pill while Hou yi was out hunting, Chang'e didn't want Peng Meng to steal the pill, so she ate it. When she ate the pill, her body started to fly to the sky, but she wants to stay close to her husband, so she landed on the moon. In the moon lives a Jade Rabbit that makes medicine, so Chang'e asked the rabbit to help her make a special pill that will let her go back to earth.

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